Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013 ( New Year's Party )

New Year's Party with Friends

 This is how I start my 2013, Having fun pigging out this scrumptious food on the table ( hahaha). This is very similar to the New Year in the Philippines, as in food galore!! the only thing missing is the fireworks but that's totally OK! The kiddos noise is just enough for me. I can't even decide what I'm gonna eat first (lol!) I'm telling you, there's much more food, we just don't have enough room to put everything on the table.We had blast! very festive and fun New Year indeed. We did few games like paper dance, tomato relay, banana eating and orange on the floor, My stomach hurt from laughing out loud with all the craziness we've done. To top it off ! We did exchange gifts Pinas style ( bunutan )

 Our gifts!ready to be exchanged "from gorgeous owner to beautiful receiver."
We agreed and decided that the gifts should be $20 (dollars) household items or product. In that way the the husband or wife can benefit out of it. I'm so happy of what I got and so my friends!

I pulled number (3) and its from Cherry. I was really excited and physic, what could it be inside this giant snowman bag, and I got very soft blanket perfect for this very cold season and my favorite shower gel "Sweet Pea". As you can see, I really loved it! I just remember the story about my old blanket.. ..hahaha!  My friends got some really good stuffs too:)
I'm just gonna take this chance to say "Thank so much"  for the amazing friendship and let's start our 2013 with fun, festive and big smile on our faces. CHEERS!!

I wanna share with you some of the food that I brought to the party. 

Cassava Cake- for recipe click HERE

 Pan De Coco- for recipe click HERE

Lumpia Shanghai- for recipe click HERE
Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcake with Vanilla Orange frosting

 Tips: Before icing the mini cupcake let it cool first.
 My friends brought lot of very delicious food maybe one day, I can share their recipes here on my blog. I made couple more food to the party but I'll save those for next time.. wink!
Nothing more joyful than sharing delicious food on New Year's Day.


  1. Happy New Year, Melgie! The food prepared looks very delicious for the holidays. I hope you had a great time enjoying the season with the people close to you.

    By the way, would you like us to be each other's follower?

  2. Hi Farida,
    Thank you! Happy New Year too :) I really enjoy the time, I spent with them and we had fun.
    Yeah, pleasure is mine:)

  3. Happy New Year, Melgie! Iba ang celebration here sa Pinas, right? I can see in your face that your celebration was a blast!

    1. Thank you, Marie. Iba talaga sa pinas because its more fun kasi may fireworks.. Dito wala and mostly people are working..:)

  4. Uy New Years is coming again. Time really flies so fast! We will be baking and cooking too, that's for sure.


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