Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sweet Choco Bread

Sweet Choco Bread

Sweet Hello 2013! Its been a wonderful year for me and I couldn't ask for more. Its been snowing for couple of days here and I'm telling you, " Its COLD" I have this habit now of having hot chocolate on my hands every morning keep me toasty warm. So, what the best thing to go along with this hot chocolate that I'm talking about is this " Sweet Choco Bread"  they're really good together! dunk the bread in hot chocolate and eat it, OH! super good!! that's how I start my 2013.
My kids loved this bread can't get enough of one sliced, they just keep coming back for more until its gone. I'll show how easy it is to make them, So that next time you're having hot chocolate in the morning. You might wanna give this Sweet Choco Bread a try. It might surprise you, how good it is wink:)


Krusteaz- "Sweet Hawaiian Bread" bread mix

1.) I just simply follow the direction on the box on how to make the bread dough.
2.) After it rises for 1 hour. I Put the dough on round baking pan.
3.) I dust it with cocoa powder and sugar just a hint and swirl it around the dough
4.) Bake at 325 for 40-45 minutes
5.) Slice,served and enjoy with your choice of drinks.

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