About ME

Hi, I'm Melgie the owner/writer of  "The Sweet Cuisinera" and "Wish4less" - welcomes you with Big S.M.I.L.E!!!

Blog Description: "The Sweet Cuisinera" is all about my homemade recipe collections, sweet treat ideas, food escapades and product reviews.

Describe Yourself:   I'm not a professional chef by any means, just regular wife and mom of my two little kids who happened to be in-love with baking and cooking food. I love trying new recipes, explore ethics flavors and experience great food adventure.

Hobbies/ Interest:  My hobbies includes cooking, baking, gardening and reading. My interest express mostly on my love on food, explore and experience other cultures through food.

Favorite Food: I'm very adventurous when it comes to food, with that being said, I have a tons of favorites (hehehe). This blog will help you discover my favorites and learn simple recipes along the way.

Delectable Goal: Sweet Cuisinera will help you create a simple, delicious and fast homemade meals for your family and friends. I also have few product reviews that will encourage and keep you inform on what's new in the market.

I hope that my food and recipes will inspire you to make a scrumptious meals for your family and friends. For inquiries, questions and suggestions or even a recipe request.
Send me an email at melgiecampbell @ gmail.com

Welcome to my BLOG! I'll see you around..wink:)


  1. Hi Mam, just like you I love cooking, not a professional but continue learning,

    1. Thank you for taking your time, writing this nice comment. I hope my blog will inspire you all about food.:)


I love reading all your lovely comments. Don't forget to leave your link so that I can visit your blog as well. Thank you! Have a great day:)

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