Thursday, October 30, 2014

Leche Flan Recipe

Leche Flan/ Caramel Custard Recipe

Sweet Morning everyone!
Excitement overload!!because we are going to do trick-or treating today. My kids are been waiting for this day- we are literally counting the hours right now hahaha!wohoo! I'm excited for my kids! Talking about excitement. How about a super easy Leche Flan recipe? oh yeah! I finally posted Leche Flan recipe after almost 3 years of blogging- As you may all know, This is one of my favorite dessert next to macaroni salad and mango float. I remembered all those sweet memories with my family back home, eating and sharing Leche Flan every weekend, So, this recipe is special to me-:) To be honest, I was kinda intimidate to make Leche Flan at first, but when my craving strike. I decided to make it right there and then, so spontaneous. It also a good recipe idea if you have a lot of eggs on your fridge,  although we only need the eggyolk on this recipe, you could used the egg whites to make Pasencia Cookie which is also, by the way sooo delicious! or maybe a ham and egg white sandwich in the morning? Yum!
This recipe really work for 4 individual serving and came out just perfect! I would recommend to double the quantity for larger crowd. I love to make extra for myself for personal consumption purposes..wink:)-- It's also really good toppings for  HALO-HALO as well. Do you agree? I'm like drooling right now.. hahaha! Are you excited and ready to make some Leche Flan?  Come on! join me in my kitchen as we unfold my Leche Flan foodie escapade. I'll promise you! this is a super delicious journey!:)

Notes: This recipe is good for 4 individual serving. Adjust the quantity for larger crowd. Make sure that you stir the custard mixture gently to avoid air pockets on the flan ( which I didn't do on this recipe..ooops! for future reference ) Enjoy!

6 Egg yolk
1 can evaporated milk
1 can condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

1/4- 1/2 cup granulated sugar- caramel sauce
4 ceramic bowls/ flan molder- used whatever you have in hand.:)


1.) In large bowl combine the egg yolk, condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla. Mix well until everything combine. Set aside.
Note: Mix the mixture gently to avoid bubbles on your flan.
2.)  Time to make the caramel mixture. Simply put the granulated sugar in pan, turn heat into medium low. Let the sugar melt and caramelized to perfection. Turn off the heat and we are ready to assemble our delicious flan.
 3.) Line up the ceramic bowl,  add 1-2 teaspoon of caramel sauce depending on sweet you want it to be. Pour the custard mixture evenly.
Notes: I did steaming process and Baking process. Both came out just perfect! I would personally love the baking process because I can fit all four ceramic bowls at one time. 
 4.) If you do BAKE your Leche Flan- Preheat the oven into 350 and bake for one hour. Make sure that the Leche Flan is bake with water bath. The warm water should be halfway full with the ceramic bowls.
5.) If you do STEAM- I used rice cooker on this recipe and its perfect! I did steam mine for good 1 hour.
6.) Let it cool down completely. Served the Leche Flan upside down. ENJOY!

My family love Leche Flan! and I hope yours too. They are super easy to make and so delicious! A perfect sweet treat for company coming over or just simply a treat on an ordinary day. I hope you find this recipe so scrumptious and try to make it at home.
Warning!!! This dessert is so addicting- wink!:) Share your love on this recipe by dropping a comment below.  I'll see you in few days for more awesome, delicious recipes. Keep it sweet and simple. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!

xoxox- Melgie

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Smiley360 Mission: TAZO® Chai

TAZO® Chai Review courtesy from Smiley360

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday to all of you!! I hope you all doing great. It's been a hectic week for me. I been busy between work and family, running errands and trying to finish up some school work with hubby. I'm so glad that we finally bought my kids their Halloween costumes and I'm already excited for next week. Anyways, Today I'd like to invite you to have some tea time with me. Sounds like fun right? Yup! It it so much fun especially if you invite your friends to come over. Last week, I received my latest Smiley360 mission- Tazo Chai. What is Smiley360?- Smiley360 is a community of influential people who try products for free and share their opinions online. Yup! you heard it right! totally free. This is actually my 4th mission from Smiley360 since I joined and I'm loving the whole experience.  Simply sign up online at smiley360.com for FREE. Apply for a mission that you are interested in, if you're qualified then you just have to wait for your free sample on the mail. Share your your personal experience through smiley360 sharing tools and earn smiles before the mission expired. That's it! super easy huh?
Now, lets go back to my latest smiley360 mission. TAZO Chai. I was pretty excited when I got accepted for this mission. I really love to try TAZO Chai, since I heard a lot of good reviews about the products from my friends.  Come on you guys, Let's take a peak what inside my Smiley360 kits. Are you feeling excited? Tara:)

Here's my lovely smiley Kit consist of::)

• Full-value coupon for any TAZO® Chai filterbag tea or latte concentrate
• Two full-value coupons for any TAZO® Chai filterbag tea or latte concentrate to share with your closest friends or family
• TAZO® Chai tasting guide
• 1 TAZO® Classic Chai filterbag, 1 TAZO® Chocolate Chai filterbag and 1 TAZO® Vanilla Caramel Chai filterbag
• Smiley360 Sharing Guide

I would say that its pretty generous smiley kit. I was able to share 2 of my FREE coupon to my friends and they are pretty happy to experience TAZO Chai as well. I also tried 3 Chai Filterbag and so far my favorites are Chocolate and Vanilla Caramel. So delicious and so relaxing. I love me some tea time for sure!:)

 Aside from the Tazo Chai Filter Bag. I also tried the TAZO Chai Latte- cold style! Let me tell you something, Its pretty good! Superb! I have 3/4 cup of milk into 1/4 Tazo Chai Latte and ice cubes. I also made some Caramelized Plantain Bananas to go with my awesome Tazo Chai Latte drink. The combination of sweet caramelized banana and Chai Latte is great!
 Have you tried TAZO Chai? If so, What is your favorite flavor? I think the chocolate is superb! So perfect anytime of the day and who doesn't love the aroma and the combination of flavors.:) I'm going to make some TAZO Chai in a minute who want some?? Enjoy the rest of the day everyone! I'll see you in few days for more awesome recipes and  product reviews. Stay warm and smile always! :)

xoxox- Melgie
Disclosure: I received my FREE Sample of TAZO Chai from Smiley360.com.
I enjoy and love using this product, opinion and experience express is 100 percent mine. Thank you, smiley360:)
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Easy Recipes with Ragu Sauce

 Beef Caldereta and Mixed Pasta with Ragu Sauce Recipe

Crowdtap: Ragu Sauce Sample and Share

Hello Everyone!
I'm so inspired this week! I was able to spent time with my friends watching Filipino Movies and pigging out delicious food which reminds me back home. We also shared food and recipes every time we hang out together which is almost every week. When I hang out with my friends it feels like we are back in Pinas, which is so great! So, this week I'm sharing one of my favorite Filipino dish, which is The Beef Caldereta/ Kaldereta with a twist:Yup! I'm re-inventing Beef Caldereta using Ragu Sauce that I got for FREE from Crowdtap. I'm telling you, It's delicious and I can't going back for more and more and more! wink~~
I been blogging about Crowdtap Sample and Share multiples times now and I really enjoyed it! I love the experience of trying the product and share my experience to all of you. So,

What is Crowdtap?-  crowdtap is the place to use your creativity to win gift cards and score free products from big-name brands. Brands will challenge you to discuss and showcase how you use everyday items—through photos, videos, and writing—and then reward the best submissions."
Now that you know how awesome Crowdtap is. Join us and start tapping~ I personally love this site! and been sampling great products and able to win awesome prizes. Thanks a lot Crowdtap!:)

Anyways, I'm super excited to share this two super easy recipe featuring Ragu Sauce. Both recipe are equally delicious and it takes no time to make it at home. Come on join me in my kitchen and let's start making this recipe. Stay inspired and remember the best ingredients there is  LOVE! wink~~~:)

Beef Caldereta with Ragu Sauce Recipe

NOTES: Adjust the taste according to your preference and use ingredients that is available in hand.

1/2 lbs.Beef- cut into cubes
1 medium carrots- sliced
1 medium size potato- sliced
1/2 cup frozen peas
Onion- chopped
Garlic- chopped
1 teaspoon oil
Salt and Pepper- to taste
1/2 cup water
Ragu Sauce- I choose Ragu meat sauce creation on this recipe

1.) Put oil in large pan, let it heat through. Add chopped onion and garlic. Sauteed until translucent. Add the Beef Cubes let it fry for couple minutes until brown.
 2.) Add 1/2 cup of water and let it cook until the meat is tender. Add the potatoes, carrots and Ragu Sauce. It depends on how much sauce you want on your Caldereta. Add more if you want.:) Let it simmer until everything is cooked.
3.) Add the frozen peas. Cover for about 3-4 minutes. Adjust the taste by adding salt and pepper.
4.) Turn off the heat. Serve the Caldereta over white rice and ENJOY!

Tell me! Does it look delicious? I'm like drooling right now just by blogging about it. Umhh! this recipe is so tempting and scrumptious and surely impress everyone's taste-buds.  ooopppss! we are not done yet! I still have another recipe featuring Ragu Sauce. Come on! and see which one is the best! wink

Mixed Pasta with Ragu Meat Sauce

Notes:  I called it mixed pasta because its the mixed of all my left over pasta shells. Wink:) Use your favorite pasta. Adjust the taste according to your preference and Enjoy cooking!


1 box Pasta- I used my 3 kinds of pasta, great used for left over noodles you have in the pantry
1/2 lbs. hamburger
Ragu Sauce Meat Creations
Salt and Pepper

1.) Cooked the pasta according to the package direction. Drain and set aside.
2.) In large pan. Add the hamburger and let it cooked and render fat. Drain if you need to:) Add salt and Pepper then the Ragu Sauce.
3.) Simmer for couple minutes and taste the sauce before adding the cooked pasta into the sauce.
4.) Let it cooked for 3 minutes until everything is combined.
5.) Serve hot with garlic bread on the side. Enjoy!

 Does it look delicious? Not to mention that this recipe is super easy to make. Great idea for quick fix dinner:) Are you feeling inspired after reading my blog? I hope it give a boost of ideas to be creative with your Ragu Sauce. Do you have a favorite between the two? Share me your thoughts and recipe ideas  below. It's funny! I feel so hungry just by blogging about this two great recipes. I might as well get something to munch on.  (hahaha)
I hope you give this recipe a try and I'll be seeing you within few days for more fantastic and fun recipe. Enjoy the rest of the week. Stay warm!:)

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received FREE Coupon of Ragu Sauce courtesy from Ragu and Crowdtap. My opinion and experience is 100 percent mine. Thank you to #Crowdtap and #NewTradish

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bistek Recipe

Filipino Style Pan- Fried Beef Steak

Hi Everyone!
 Wow! Can you believe that its already October? Weeh! It feels like I can't keep up anymore! Time goes so fast that I can hardly remember what I did yesterday and few days ago. Do you feel same way too?  Or it just me trying to keep up with everything. :) wink!
Talking about busy schedule, this recipe is so perfect for easy and quick fix dinner for the whole family. Bistek- is basically a Filipino pan-fried beef steak with very simple ingredients. I'm guessing all the ingredients is already in your fridge. Awesome right? This is actually one of my favorite Filipino Dish paired with rice and soda. Yum! This is also very fulfilling meal that I'm sure everyone will love.
Its kinda strange that I'm getting hungry just by talking about the recipe, Not to mention that I just got back from lunch with my Mother in-law. Its always nice to just sit down and relax, talked and eat. I always treasure those moments, Thank you so much! Mom:)
Ready to explore and make Bistek?? Come on join me and my kitchen as we make this recipe together. Remember to just have FUN and don't be afraid to explore the flavors that cooking can bring.:)

 NOTES: Adjust the taste according to your preference. Double the recipe quantity for larger crowd. Enjoy and have fun cooking Bistek.:)

1/2 lbs Beef- cut into pieces
1/4 cup soy sauce
Vinegar or lemon juice 2-3 teaspoon
2 garlic chopped
1/2 cup water
Onion- sliced into rings for garnish
Salt and Pepper- to taste

1.) In medium bowl combine the sliced beef, soy sauce, vinegar or lemon juice, pepper and let it marinate.
2.) Put a little vegetable oil. Add the chopped garlic sauteed until translucent. Add the marinated beef and let it cooked. Add water if you want the beef to be tender and also it gives you that delicious sauce that you want to drizzle over your rice. (It's totally optional, I just like mine to cook it that way.)
3.) Let it cooked to perfection. Add salt if you need to and Serve it in a bowl add the Onion rings-- DONE
4.) Best served with rice or noodles.:) Enjoy!

Now you know how quick and easy it it to make. Are you ready for some Bistek dinner tonight? Add your own twist and make it perfect. It's always great to have delicious meal even on busy days.  I hope you get some cooking inspiration this week.Try my version of Bistek and let me know what you think. Share me your thoughts on the comment below.
Keep checking on my blog for more awesome recipe. I'll see you in few days- Stay warm, sweet and cozy!! Enjoy the rest of the week--:)

xoxox- Melgie
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