Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: Daily Goodie Box for FREE!

Sweet Surprise in the Mail from Daily Goodie Box!:)

Hello Everyone!

I'm super excited this week because I have to spend great time with my beloved family and have a very festive Thanksgiving dinner this coming Thursday. Aside from festivities! I am also excited to take advantage of some good Black Friday sales. Are you? But that's not all. I recently received my third Daily Goodie Box for FREE. Yay!! It feels like Christmas and opening this Daily Goodie Box for third time felt amazing. As you may remembered the last two FREE Daily Goodie Box that I received click HERE and HERE for my review.

If you love receiving free samples and love to share your opinion about the products that you tried. Then, this blog post is right for you. The Daily Goodie Box is new free sample box service. It's totally FREE to join. Sign Up for FREE, you then fill out your profile so that they can match you with a perfect Daily Goodie Box that caters your personal style. Isn't it awesome?
New boxes pop-up everyday and they offer both full-size and sample size products.Once Daily Goodie Box send you a box for free. All you have to is try the products and share your thoughts bu leaving a review on their site. Its super easy! CLICK HERE to learn more about Daily Goodie Box . 

Best thing about Daily Goodie Box- shipping is FREE and NO Credit Card required EVER.

Now that we know about how awesome Daily Goodie Box. Lets talk about what inside my third Daily Goodie Box. Shall we? First thing first, Daily Goodie Box is absolutely wonderful. The box was perfectly packed, covered with light blue wrapping and has a note on top. Its very impressive from the packaging of the products to the number of items inside the box. Let's take a peek what inside!:)

In front of you are the following awesome goodies that my family love and enjoy! Thank you Daily Goodie Box.

Grab your favorite drink and lets talk about these wonderful products! :) Let start with this delicious and healthy Among Friends - Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix - I made this cookies yesterday and it was so good that I can't help myself but to grab more, more, and more (wink) My family fall-in love in just one bite! Its hand-crafted baking mix, made with whole grain, its gluten free, no gums or fillers. Its absolutely healthy and great cookie for the whole family. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

 Next on the list is my newest favorite Gertrude Hawk - Milk Chocolate Crispy Bar  Its creamy milk chocolate packed with crunchy crisped rice.  It is SO GOOD! A perfect balance of chocolate flavor and great texture. Overall experience was amazing and indeed sweet indulgence. Great chocolate! 

If your looking for tasty snack try this Crunchmaster - Multi Crackers I have to say that this product is AWESOME! Its crunchy, full of flavor, 100% whole grain, cholesterol free, gluten free and its PERFECT. I definitely love this product- not only it taste good. It is also good snack for the whole family. Yumm!

Introducing the newest and healthy energy drink mix to try is  this  Älsa - Energy Drink Mix - Alsa is a smarter and steady energy with Cognizin Citicoline for mental clarity and PURENERGY for long-lasting boost. Its Vegan, Gluten Free and flavored with energy drink mixes and  other natural flavors.
The 3 flavored that I tried are the following:
Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate BlueBerry and Three Citrus. I'm extremely excited with all these three flavors on hand.

 Wild Foods - Wild Chocolate Powder has more uses than your regular cocoa powder. Aside from its so versatile its made with premium high quality ingredients, its organic and a perfect super food. Its great for milkshakes, baking, hot chocolate and smoothies. I'm beyond excited to try this product myself. Its taste yummy!

Introducing Better Body Foods - PBfit Peanut Butter Powder non-guilty pleasure for peanut butter just like myself. It taste good as regular peanut butter but only one-third the calories and 90% less fat. How awesome right? I know! You can totally use this product to make delicious peanut butter jelly sandwich, add on your smoothies, peanut butter dips, add flavor to your oatmeal or pancakes. Yum! I love this product.

Last foodie sample on the list is this Mediterra - Kale & Pumpkin Seeds Bar  I'm a huge fan of healthy and delicious snack and this Mediterra- Kale & Pumpkin Seeds Bar is one of them. It packed of flavor and actually have great texture that I really like. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Indeed super healthy snack for the whole family.

Daily Goodie Box is just so wonderful that they included this Earth Science- 145 Night Renewal Facial Lotion  its night renewal facial lotion for men, which my hubby are so excited to try. It contains fruit acid to help slough off old tired-looking skin and stimulate skin renewal. Its non-greasy and contains all natural cedar mint fragrance. Its an awesome product!:)

Lets move on to the next product introducing Goddess Garden - Sunscreen & Firming Primer 
it features a sheer and lightweight formula to protect your skin from the cumulative effects of sun exposure. Its perfect with or without make-up. I totally love this product!

I'm super excited to try this  BWC - Travel Size Hand and Body Lotion  It simply fantastic. It keep my hands, arms, and legs super feeling soft and smooth. Its non-greasy, fragrance-free and it works amazing. Perfect lotion for everyday use not only for myself but for my whole family.

..And that summarized my super awesome Daily Goodie Box. I hope you have fun reading my reviews today. Keep that surprises coming and I cannot wait for your first Daily Goodie Box experience. Don't forget to Sign Up for FREE its definitely worth doing as you may never know what may pop-up in your mailbox. I'll see you in few days for more fun blog post. Enjoy the rest of the day and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!:) Stay gorgeous as always.

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received this Daily Goodie Box for free to review. Opinion expressed are my own. Thank you so much Daily Goodie Box for another wonderful box.

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