Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Daily Goodie Box is just AWESOME!

September Free Daily Goodie Box

Thank you #DailyGoodieBox

Hello Everyone:)

I'm so grateful to Daily Goodie Box for being so generous as always. Yup, that's right another awesome Daily Goodie Box for the month of September arrived two weeks ago. I couldn't be more excited! A lot of wonderful products that I'm super excited to try and I spotted few of my favorites already. This is going to be fun and exciting product reviews for all of you because Daily Goodie Box is just simply awesome. Check out two of my recent blog post for July Daily Goodie Box and August Daily Goodie Box. 

So, If you love receiving free samples and love to share your opinion about the products that you tried just like I do. Then, this blog post is right for you. The Daily Goodie Box is FREE sample box service. It's totally FREE to join. Sign Up for FREE, you then fill out your profile so that they can match you with perfect Daily Goodie Box that caters your personal style. New boxes pop-up everyday and they offer both full size and sample size products. Once Daily Goodie Box send you a box for free. All you have to do is to try the products and share your thoughts by leaving a review on their website. Yup, that easy :)

Best thing about Daily Goodie Box- shipping is FREE and No Credit Card required EVER. 

As always Daily Goodie Box never fail to impressed with their September Daily Goodie Box. It was packed perfect and lots of great products inside that I cannot wait to share with you. Are you excited? Grab your favorite drink and lets get started. Shall we? :)

Lets start with my newest favorite GinnyBakes - Chocolate Chip Cookies- this is absolutely delicious! A cookies made with love and passion, gluten-free mini cookies, non- GMO, and its organic. WE so LOVE this cookies! perfect for snacks paired with a glass of milk. Yum! I highly recommend this product. It's simply delicious!

Next on the list is this Trolli - Sour Bite Crawlers I would describe this product as mouth meddling, tangy, sweetly sour, weird wormy goodness. Yes, all these great flavors all in one bite! At first you can taste the sweet sugar coat shortly followed by sweetly sour- and the candy itself is soft and chewy. Indeed, a great treat for everyone. Delicious! (My family's favorite gummy candy)

I'm super excited to try this ButterFields - Hard Candy- This is my first time trying out this product. I must say that it taste so GOOD! I would describe the taste of this candy as perfectly sweet orange in a hard candy. No wonder why this is America's favorite hard candy. It taste absolutely delicious and perfect candy for any occasions. Who wants ButterFields Hard candy on their hands right now? I know for sure I do!:)

Moving on to the next product! Lets all say hello to Rufus Teague - Made Some Sauce these two samples the I received taste scrumptious. This stuff is so awesome and perfect for barbecue's. Rufus Teague also offers other products which great for your cooking essentials. Check their website HERE. I highly recommend these products to everyone. 

Looking for all purpose seasoning? Look no further because this Paleo Powder - Seasoning is all you need. As first time used of this product. I was totally impressed with the result. It's great seasoning for  meat, veggies or any dish you're cooking. As foodie, this all purpose seasoning is all what I need. A must-have item for sure. I love this product!

This Crown Maple  - Maple Sugar is rich in natural antioxidants and provides a healthy alternatives to granulated sweeteners. Ideal for use in coffee, tea, baked goods, and even cocktails. I really like this product it makes my cup of coffee taste so much better and its all-natural, no additives, and gluten free. Yes, indeed a must-have item in everyone's pantry.:)

Next on the list is this GURU - Organic Energy Drinks I would never thought that this product exist until Daily Goodie Box sent me one. This is really exciting because this Guru Organic drink taste so good! Did you notice the packaging of the product? It look so catchy and cool. 

Lovebug Probiotics - Here’s The Skinny can streamline digestive function, quell sensitive stomachs, improve energy levels and elevate mood. I'm excited to try this product and cannot wait for the results. It has maximum effectiveness, leading strains, and no unnecessary additives. This is just so awesome!:)

Nellie’s - Baby Laundry Soda is the last product on my September Daily Goodie Box. I couldn't be more happier to share with you my love for this product. I sampled Nellie's product before through Daily Goodie Box and was impressed with the results. A perfect all natural baby laundry that has all great stuff. It's biodegradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, gluten free, no GMO's and septic safe. I highly recommend this product to everyone.:)

..and that summarized my awesome my September Daily Goodie Box. I hope you have fun reading my reviews. Don't forget to sign up for free. It's definitely worth doing as you may never know what may pop-up in your mailbox. Until next time everyone. Stay gorgeous as always!:)

 xoxo- Melgie

Disclosure: I received Daily Goodie Box for free to review. Opinion expressed are my own. Thank you Daily Goodie Box for these wonderful goodies. 

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Blueberry Pancake Recipe

Maine Blueberry Pancake for Breakfast:)

Hello Everyone :)

I fell in-love the first time I was at Maine. It was such a great vacation that I'm thinking going back there next year (hopeful). I know, sometimes I get little obsessed but to tell you- I missed being at Maine-the place was just incredible, relaxing, full of adventures awaits, and breath-taking views. On top of that, wild Maine blueberries is everywhere. Yes, literally everywhere! So, I helped myself and grabbed blueberries while we we're at Cadillac Mountain & Acadia Mountain. So, today's pancake recipe is inspired by this delicious Maine Wild Blueberries.
If you want to learn more about Maine, Southwest Harbor vacation check out my blog post HERE. Our a-MAINE-zing Summer Vacation ... enjoy this delicious blueberry pancake with your family!:)

Maine Blueberry Pancake Recipe

Notes: On this recipe I used store bought pancake mix and frozen wild Maine blueberries. Feel free to use any homemade pancake batter recipe and either fresh or frozen blueberries on hand.

2 cups Pancake Mix 
1 1/2 cup water
1 cup Maine Blueberries- frozen

1.) Combine pancake mix and water in a bowl and stir until large lumps disappear. Set aside
2.) Pour slightly less than 1/4 cup batter onto hot pan (lightly grease pan if necessary)
3.) Then, add frozen blueberries on top of the pancake. Turn pancakes when tops are covered with bubbles and edges looks dry. Turn only once and cook the other side for about a minute.
4.) When little bubbles appear on the pancake, then its ready to flip. Wait for another minute until the other side is cook.
5.) Serve hot with butter on top and maple syrup. Yum! Enjoy :)

I can't get over how amazing Maine, Southwest Harbor. It has everything to offer from delicious and good eats, to scenic picturesque views, adventures that the whole family love and enjoy. It just amazing how this simple recipe took me back to Maine- the adventures that we did, the hikes and trails, and all the memorable moments that we had at Maine. I can talk about our Maine Vacation forever, But, I'll stop for now (hahah) Anyways, I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe as much as I do. I will see you ext time for more fun blog post. Stay gorgeous as always!:)


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