Friday, March 20, 2015

Homemade Sunshine Skillet Recipe

Super Easy Breakfast Recipe and Hubby's Birthday Celebration

Hello Everyone!

 How are you doing today? I know you guys are excited because  the weekends is here. Yippee! I am excited too- I have to spend and enjoy this beautiful weather with my family. To make this weekend a perfect one. What about a super easy and fun recipe to try this week? Yup! I think your kids will love to help you peel the potatoes, or even sprinkles the cheese on top of  your delicious Homemade Sunshine Skillet. Yes!sounds like fun right? I can't wait to get started and I think you too!!
But before we start cooking! I'll just want to share with you, how I ended up making my own version of Bob Evans famous "Sunshine Skillet" Yes! We eat out 3-4 weeks ago at Bob Evans, and we fall in-love with their Sunshine Skillet. So, when my hubby celebrated his birthday not too long ago. I decided to make my homemade version of Sunshine Skillet. Let me tell you! It was fantastic breakfast. Although, the gravy is not that perfect as Bob Evans but its pretty close. Yum!
Getting back to that excitement! Let's make this Sunshine Skillet right now. Don't forget to have fun and explore this new recipe.

Check out the recipe below.:)

* This recipe is good for 2 serving only. Adjust the quantity of the ingredients for larger crowd. Also you can add your favorite vegetables into the mix if you want. :)

Homemade Sunshine Skillet Recipe:

3-4 medium size potatoes- cut into cubes
8 oz sausage
Cheddar Shredded Cheese
4 beaten eggs
1 pack gravy mix
salt and Pepper- to taste
2 tsp butter
1-2 tsp cooking oil

1.) Cooked the potatoes and sausage in separate skillet. Once it cooked and turn golden brown. Set aside.
2.) Make the gravy according to the package instructions. Which a super easy process! I promise:) Once the gravy is done. Turn the heat into LOW to make sure that its hot.
3.) Time to make the eggs. In medium size skillet, add little butter. Add the 2 beaten eggs and let it cook through both side. Once both side are cooked, transfer it to the serving bowl. (Repeat the process#3 for the other bowl)
4.) Once the cooked eggs is on the bowl, you can now add the cooked sausage and potatoes. File them up!! then pour the gravy on top. Then, sprinkle with lot of cheddar shredder cheese.
5.) Enjoy your Homemade Sunshine Skillet Bowl with your family. Yum! #perfectbreakfast

Aside from perfect breakfast that I made for the whole family. I also made a yellow cake with chocolate icing for my hubby. It's kinda like a tradition here to have a delicious cake on birthday's and hubby is no exception.  We surely did enjoyed and had a blast on hubby's birthday. The birthday celebration at my in-laws house is GREAT! It was so much fun hanging out with family eating good food and just enjoying everyone's company.
I hope this recipe inspires you to cook a simple yet thoughtful breakfast for your family. I'll see you in few days for more fun and delicious recipe. Grab some plate and have some of this yellow cake with chocolate icing. I promise you its so GOOD! Stay sweet and gorgeous everyone. Enjoy the weekends!!:)

xoxox- Melgie

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Smiley360: SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes Review

Smiley360: SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes experience

Sweet Morning Everyone!
 Finally! I'm feeling the spring weather for almost three days now, and it felt amazing! Aside from great weather experience. We also had so much fun celebrating my hubby's birthday last Sunday. Everyone had so much fun hanging out with the whole family. It was a blast! to keep that sweet moment together. How about a sweet review of SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes? I'm really excited to give this product a try for FREE courtesy from smiley360. The combination of Sweet and Tart flavor is just perfect! Actually, I'm addicted to this candy it just so gooood!

 So, what is Smiley360? is an online community of influential consumers who try products and experiences for free and share their opinions with others. If you like trying new products for free and love to share your experience to your friends and family. Then, sign up HERE its totally FREE to join. What you have to do is apply for a mission, if you're qualified then you just have to wait for your free sample on the mail. Share your your personal experience through smiley360 sharing tools and earn smiles before the mission expired. 

Back to my SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes mission. I'm super excited getting such a great sample on the mail, and this SweeTARTS soft and chewy Ropes is no exemption. Yum! Come on, Let's take a peek on what's inside my Smiley360 Kit.

My Smiley Kit contains:
• Two samples of SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes: one Share pack & one Single pack
• Sharing Guide

  Now that we tried the SweeTARTS Soft and Chewy Ropes and its about time to GET ROPED IN! (this game is so fun! try it at home)

Balancing ACT: See how long you can balance the rope on one finger.
Share the LOVE: Use two ropes to create the shape of a heart. Take a picture of it and tag someone that you " HEART"
Make some Moves with no Hands: Roll the rope from forehead to mouth without touching it. ( my kids favorite game)

My kids love the balancing act game and make some moves with no hands. I was laughing at them the whole time (kids had so much fun!).  We also enjoyed taking photos of the SweeTARTS heart shape and tag hubby while hes at work. I think its the sweetest ever!
Experience an AMAZING flavor of SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes (cherry punch flavor) offers a new mouthwatering licorice rope with the electrifying flavor fusion of sweet and tart. It's chewy, smooth texture, never tough or waxy candy, that makes it perfect tasty treat for everyone. I really love the flavor combination. It has that perfect sweet and tart combo that keeps me grabbing for more. The texture is remind me of Twizzlers but the creamy punch filling is really unique. So addicting! It's official! SweeTARTS  Soft and Chewy Ropes is added to our sweet favorites. Yum! Grab some SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes and experience such a tasty flavor of sweet and tart combo. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone. I'll see you in few days for more amazing and fun foodie escapades. Stay sweet :)

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received sweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes for free courtesy from Smiley360.com and Sweetarts. My experience and opinion express is 100% mine :)

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