No-Bake Merienda

Taho Recipe

Chocolate -Espresso Mouse Recipe

Leche Flan Recipe

Butsi Espesyal Recipe

Macaroni Salad Espesyal Recipe


Biko Recipe


Suman Malagkit Recipe 




Macaroni Salad 


Butsi Recipe



Binignit ( Ginataan Recipe ) 


Banana Que Recipe 




 Mango Float Recipe 

  Kamote Que Recipe



 Shakoy -( Twisted Donut ) Recipe



Binangkal Recipe


  1. Thanks for sharing these recipe. I don't have an oven yet so I can do such no-bake snacks.

  2. Your welcome! I hope this recipes inspire you-:) Thank you

  3. salamat thank you idol mel for this easy to prepare no bake recipes. on time for my snacks with friends and loved ones. more power


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