Friday, December 11, 2015

Tortang Talong Recipe

Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet) Ultimate Breakfast Experience 


Hello Everyone!:)
It's been a super busy week for me and my family. It's holiday season (what can I say?) but, I'm excited that I finally get a chance to sit down and update my blog (wink:)  It's super exciting because its my first blog of the month and two weeks more to go and its Christmas. Yippeee! The recipe that I'll be sharing today is one of my favorite. I made Tortang Talong and It's totally a delicious experience. It gives me inspiration to do some of my Christmas shopping today. It just happen so fast, so quick, but I made progress when it comes to buying gifts. Holiday season is always special and fun to celebrate with family and friends. Let's keep this holiday spirit fun and exciting by making this Ultimate Tortang Talong Recipe. What the best thing I like this recipe? its budget friendly, delicious and totally take you back home.
Join me as we make my version of  Tortang Talong Recipe ( Eggplant Omelet). I'll promise you! This is going to be delicious. Let's go.:)

Notes: Adjust the quantity of the ingredients for larger crowd. Enjoy!

Tortang Talong Ingredients:

2-3 Chinese Eggplant cooked
2 Large Eggs
1 medium size onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
Salt and Pepper- to taste
Cooking Oil

 1. First, cooked the eggplant by either grilling or boiling process. In this recipe, I choose to cooked the eggplant by letting it sit in a boiling water for about 5-8 minutes. Took the eggplant out in a boiling water. Set aside.
2. While waiting for my eggplant to cool down. I chopped tomatoe, onion, and  beaten the two eggs in a separate bowl.
3. Grab the cooked eggplant. Make sure you retain the crown and the stem of the eggplant. Gently flatten the eggplant meat by using fork.
4. Put3-4 tsp oil in large non-stick skillet.Combine the beaten eggs, chopped onion and tomato, salt and pepper. Then, dip the eggplant into the egg mixture and slowly put it on the hot skillet. I add more egg mixture on the eggplant and make sure that it well distributed.
5. Fry until golden brown on one side, then turn and brown the other side. Drain on paper towel.
6. Serve hot and Enjoy!

 ( My Ultimate Tortang Talong Breakfast Feast..wink: )

I'm so proud that I finally made my ultimate Tortang Talong Breakfast Feast! I know its look a lot but when your craving for something that you wanted for so long. It just a rewarding feeling and I truly enjoyed my breakfast, every single bite of it. Yummo! I love my Tortang Talong paired with tuyo and of course my favorite drink. 
Tortang Talong is definitely one of my favorite Filipino food. Its budget friendly, delicious, and super easy to make. It has all the components of a perfect bite. Do you agree? 
I hope you enjoyed this very tasty adventure with me today. I'll see you in few days for more fun recipes and foodie escapades.  Stay gorgeous and smile a lot! :)

Enjoy your holiday shopping :)


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