Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jungle Jim Escapade

Jungle Jim's Escapade

I been hearing good reviews online and offline friends who also have an awesome experience about Jungle Jims International Market located at Cincinnati, Ohio. It's like 2 hours drive from where I am. I'm wondering what it feels to shopped at this store and finally for over 5 years, I was able to experience it myself. The driving part is fun! I was able to explore some views in Ohio and that excitement and curiosity is fueled me for the whole 2 hours drove. 
This is super late post! I shopped at Jungle Jims International last December of 2013 (oops! I told you its late). I totally forgot about it until stumble upon some photos saved on my blog. I think this is the prefect time to share my experienced, which is by the way so AWESOME! We went in there round Christmas week and the whole place is packed its not a surprise when holiday season is right on your toe, people are rushed for their last minute shopping other than that they have a very wide, wide varieties of food from different places. I would not expect finding my favorite fruit in the store and its really surprising. Some of my friends were so lucky find some rambutan which is so rare here. We'll be back soon to explore the new Jungle Jims, for meantime come on join me as I explore the Jungle Jims International Market!

There are two Jungle Jims International Market in Ohio
Fairfield- (Jungle Jims new store). Noted on our next map plan..Wink:)
 Located at :
5440 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH 45014
 - About the same travel distance and its about 20-30 minutes drive from old Junge Jims

Cincinnati- (Jungle Jim old store) WOW! Its amazing that you can find anything in this store, especially if your looking for something unique. I found a lot of Filipino food that I love and it just felt like I'm shopping in the Philippines. They also have a wide varieties, I'm talking about really wide collections from wines, cheeses, olives,bake goods, beers- (got hubby's san miguel beer )  and much much more. It is also categories by country for easy find. I can explore the whole place for hours...:
Located at:
4450 Eastgate South Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245
- same travel distance from where I am maybe little close compare to new store.

I came in for one reason.. SHOP! and EXPLORE! 
I'm very please for everything from the seafood varieties they offer fresh seafood like fresh shrimp, live lobster, fishes and much much more. Didn't get any because of the travel time and afraid that it might be as fresh after 2 hours in the car.
I spend most of time exploring Dry goods where I got all my stuff is from Mango juice, curly tops and all my favorite late night snacks like chippy, moby, piatos, soy sauce, vinegar, canned goods and much more! YUM!

International Market- ( Fruits and Vegetables ) This pretty cool for me! I've seen fruit and vegetables that I can't find somewhere else.. Exotic fruits like Durian and Jackfruit ( Langka )
I only bought the Jackfruit because its look so good and this is one of my favorite fruit. It's little pricey for tiny sliced but its all worth,  Its like being in Pinas without moving an inch. I ate one or two peices in one day to prolonged that moment hehehe.
- Very good experience and planning to go back and explore the new store! Can't wait!- Did you feel the excitement? cause I'm smiling right now:)
Have great week ahead and See you in few days for more awesome recipes adventures, whatever may be I'm sure its going to FUN!
xoxoxo- Melgie

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Semi-Homemade Puto Recipe

Semi- Homemade Baked PUTO/ Rice Cakes Recipe

Weekends is here! and It's Valentines Day a perfect day to have a dinner date with your love ones. I would prefer home cook meal with family to avoid the crowd folks whose also dining out tonight and to get that relaxing feeling at the comfort of your home. While waiting for hubby to come home, I made my kids their favorite treats. As if, getting candies and chocolate this morning is not enough. It's Valentines and I'd like to spoiled them and its their favorite.. Bake Puto/ Bake Rice Cakes in 4 different colors. This is not a typical way of cooking PUTO but the taste is still have that delicious and soft traditional puto.
 Its called Semi- Homemade because I used a store bought Puto Mix which can be found any Asian store BUT if you do have a good recipe for Puto Cheese I would love to try it. Share me the recipe on my comment box below. As you may noticed I BAKED my puto instead of a traditional way " Steaming" process, for the reason that I don't have those puto mold cups. So, to those who don't have puto cups used for steaming and want that perfect PUTO on your table. This is the perfect recipe for you.!Super duper easy to make and it come out perfect every time. I forgot to mention that it also work if you like your PUTO steamed, add your favorite cheese on top! Delish.. This is perfect for your kids party or merienda at any time. It's cute and fun way to mixed up their favorite color into this yummy treats. Give this a try and let me know what you think. I enjoyed eating this scrumptious treat. YUM! I hope you like this recipe and much as I LOVE making them. C'mon lets start cooking...:) wink!
A little knowledge from Wikipedia about PUTO:)
 Puto is a kind of steamed rice cake in Philippine cuisine derived from the Southern Indian dish Puttu. It is eaten as is or with butter and/or grated fresh coconut, or as an accompaniment to a number of savoury viands (most notably, dinuguan).-(source:wikipedia )

- Box of White King Puto Mix consist of two pack. In this recipe I only used (1 pack) good enough to make 24 mini bake rice cakes ( puto ) BUT if you decide to used the (2 pack) double the ingredients. 
- If you like to have bigger PUTO used a bigger muffin tin and adjust the cooking temperature.

1 box White King Puto Mix- ( I only used one pack on this recipe)
2 tablespoon oil
1 cup water
1/2 cup granulated sugar
food coloring- purple, green and pink
small muffin cups
non-stick cooking spray

-Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
1.)  In large bowl combine 1 pack of Puto Mix, granulated sugar, water, and oil. Mix well.
2.) Divide the the puto mixture into 4 parts. Drop food coloring on each bowl according to your preference and mix well.  I used pink, purple and green ( my kids favorite colors)
3.)  In small muffin tin, line the muffin cups. Spray with cooking spray. Add teaspoon of Puto mixture or until its halfway through. It should covered the 24 mini puto cakes.
4.) Bake the 24 puto for 10 minutes. Viola!!! Enjoy..:)

Grab some and Let's Chat!
It is really good treat for everyone! Try this recipe on your next party or when your friends want to try something new. Till next time!:) Enjoy the weekend.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

First Rice Container

My First Rice Container

Hello Everyone! As you know me! I'm a Rice Fanatic, I can eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even make rice for dessert like Biko and Suman Malagkit. Yum! So, I been looking for a Rice Container for quite sometime, small enough to fit on my cabinet and big enough to hold 2-3 weeks supply of rice. I've seen some rice dispenser online and it just doesn't fit on the criteria that I'm looking for until yesterday, I found it! Yahoo!! Can you tell I'm pretty excited? No more messy bag of rice and pieces of rice on the floor. It fits just perfect in my cabinet and there's still much room for my pans and baking stuff on the top. It look a lot nicer and neater now compare before. Yay!

-The Rice Container or Rice Bucket holds up to 25 lbs of rice enough for my 3 weeks supply or maybe less depends on our daily consumption...(hehehe)
- It has 5 little wheels on the bottom, make it easy to move around without lifting. I can actually push it all the way on the very back after using and pull anytime whenever I need too.
- It goes along with little plastic cup for rice. Makes it more convenient to scope the rice.
- Another features that I like on this Rice Container it that its very easy to open and close.
- Perfect rice storage! wink:)

Got a perfect rice container! Now all I need is the perfect rice to go along with it. I personally love Jasmin Rice- it's long grain Thai rice, have a unique aroma when its cooked. Calrose Rice ( California Rose)- it's medium grain rice. I would say its quite similar to "Masipag Rice" in the Philippines but a little soft when its cooked. Last thing, I gotta have some Sweet Rice/ Malagkit- I usually used this rice to cook sweet dessert and it smells divine when its cook. The sticky element makes it a good quality for Biko and Suman Malagkit which is very popular merienda in the Philippines.

Cooking Rice- The process of cooking rice is pretty simple with the help of rice cooker it makes the whole process a lot easier. ( 2 cups water to 1 cup rice ) if want to do it on stove top. Add chicken stock or beef broth to flavor your rice. I preferred mine natural no extra flavoring.  Fried Rice is always go to in our household for left over Rice sometimes I made little extra just to make some fried rice in the morning. Yum!

I'm like carried away talking about rice ( hehhe) Sweet greetings to everyone this coming Valentines Day. I hope my recipes will inspire you to make something sweet for your loveones. I probably have some bowl of Biko this Valentines!  See you in few days for more awesome recipes...:)

Happy Valentines, Everyone!
xoxoxo: Melgie

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nilagang Baka Recipe

  Mama's Nilagang Baka Recipe

( Boiled beef with leafy vegetables ) 

Hey Guys! I'm back with another awesome, awesome recipe! My ultimate favorite Nilaga Beef!!. I'm so excited about this! It's my first post of the month of February ( love month) a perfect recipe for dinner date for two?? Anyways, The weather has been so cold here in my place. When its cold! I love to have a big bowl of Nilagang Beef. Just by looking at the pot of simmering beef nilaga and smelling the aroma all over my house it just irresistibly good. The waiting part is FOREVER!
(haha) I have no patience when it comes to this! Do you? The combination of ginger, onion and the beef... YUM! I feel hungry aready just by talking about it..wink:)
Quick question! When did the last time you have Beef Nilaga? Do you remember the taste of it? What are your favorite ingredients in Nilagang Baka? I bet you still have that first bite experience..it just so good! This recipe is inspired by my Mama, she can make Nilaga taste so good with only few ingredients.This is like my own version of my Mama's Recipe and it just as good as my Mom used to make.. Yay! I feel like I never left home..(e-e) the only thing I changed is the Nappa cabbage, I would love to used Bokchoy or petchay on this recipe but I can't just find them at the store ( I shop around 11pm that explained why right:)
Are you feeling hungry?? I am! Come on, let's make this scrumptious beef nilaga at the comfort of your own kitchen. Check out my very easy peasy recipe below!! lets enjoy this cold weather by making this nilaga beef recipe. :)
- Adjust the ingredients for larger crowd.
-Adjust the taste according to your preference.
- Use your favorite leafy vegetables.

The beef shank is the shank (or leg) portion of a steer or heifer. Due to the constant use of this muscle by the animal it tends to be tough, dry, and sinewy, so is best when cooked for a long time in moist heat. Beef shank is a common ingredient in soups- (source: wikipedia )

Beef Shank- cut into big chunks
Nappa Cabbage/ Bokchoy or Petchay- I used Nappa Cabbage on this recipe:)
Ginger- sliced
Green onion
Tomato- cut into chunks
Salt and Pepper- to taste
4-6 cups of water

1.) In large pot, bring the 4-6 cups water into boil. Add the salt and pepper, ginger, onion and the cut beef.
2.) Let it simmer for like 1 hour or so until the beef is tender. Add the tomato at this point and water if you need to.
3.) Once the beef is tender. Add the cabbage and green onion. Adjust the taste by adding salt and pepper.  Turn off the heat and let it stand for 5 minutes.
4.) Best serve when its hot along with rice. Share this delicious moment with your family and friends.

Grab your plate and let's dig in!:)
I hope you love and enjoy this recipe as much as I do. See you in few days for more delicious recipe!
xoxoxox- Melgie
Sharing is Caring:)
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