Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BzzAgent: Coca-Cola Life Product Review

Deliciously Sweet Coca-Cola Life experience

courtesy from Bzzagent and Coca-Cola Life

Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday to all! My week has been amazing and couldn't be more fun, with another awesome product to review brought you by Coca-Cola Life, that I got for free from Bzzagent. Yup! another awesome freebie that I simply couldn't resist. As you all know me, I'm such a big fan of Coke products. As you may noticed my cursor? Yes! It's a Coca-Cola can ( wink ) Right now, I'm drinking my Coca-Cola Life while doing this blog post. Let's get started!:)

  So, What is BzzAgent? An international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services. How Bzzagent works? take surveys, get invited, try the product, review and share, then Keep it UP! Check out Bzzagent website and sign up for FREE. Have fun exploring this amazing site.

Coca-Cola Life has the deliciously sweet taste to match. Made with the genuinely sweet combination of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract, Coca-Cola Life is perfect for your tireless quest to make every moment of your day just a little bit more memorable.

My Coke Life BzzCampaign Kit includes:

  • One glass bottle of Coca-Cola Life to sweeten your day
  • A coupon for $0.55 off any Coca-Cola Life product
  • Pass-along coupons so you can share the sweet moments (and Coca-Cola Life!) with friends and family

My Deliciously Sweet Coca-Cola Life experience :)

As a big fan of Coca-Cola products, this testing opportunity on their newest product is simply the BEST! I have to say that Coca-Cola life is pretty good! It has all the great quality that Coke products have AND its made with a blend of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract, its deliciously sweet cola that's perfect for life's sweet moments.
So perfect! that I couldn't help myself, but to share that experience here on my blog and to my friends and family. I LOVE it! I really do- It's sweet, good, and perfect drink for everyone.
Have you tried this product yet? If so, give me your thoughts on the comment below:) Let's share that deliciously  sweet Coca-Cola Life together, Cheers!

I'll see you in few days for another fun, exciting and memorable foodie experience. Stay gorgeous!

xoxox- Melgie

 Disclosure: I received Coca-Cola Life bottle and coupons free courtesy from Bzzagent. My opinion and experience shared is 100 percent mine. Thank you #Bzzagent and Coca-Cola Life #GotItFree

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Crowdtap: Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Review

Folgers Coffee Flavors Enhancers Sample and Share Review

Thank you Crowdtap and Folgers Coffee

Fabulous Day everyone!

As a coffee lover- nothing beats that smooth, fabulous coffee aroma in the morning. So, lets start our day with full of excitement, and a cup of coffee on hand with Folgers Flavor Coffee Enhancers. Isn't awesome? Lets discover together, all 4 delicious Folgers Flavor Coffee Enhancers that I got for free courtesy from Folgers and Crowdtap. Yup! another fantastic sample and share review that I cannot wait to share to all of you. Are excited?  Join me as we discover all four delicious flavor wink:) So,

What is Crowdtap?-  crowdtap is the place to use your creativity to win gift cards and score free products from big-name brands. Brands will challenge you to discuss and showcase how you use everyday items—through photos, videos, and writing—and then reward the best submissions."
It's totally free to join Crowdtap, all you have to do is SIGN UP. Start exploring the site and let's have fun tappin' together. I been a member for over a year now and I LOVE and PROUD to be Crowdtappers. Everything about Crowdtap is great, and the fun part you'll get a chance to win gift cards at the end of the month. ( Thank you much Crowdtap!)

I'm so impressed with Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Sample and Share. Aside from they are so generous with the samples, it was packed nicely and always perfect! I can totally smell the coffee aroma upon opening the package. So fabulous! Let's take a peek on what's inside the package

My Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Kit includes:

12 Folgers Flavors Coffee Enchancers

(3) Folgers Flavors Coffee Vanilla- mellow, smooth and the perfect compliment for your coffee.
(3) Folgers Flavors Coffee Mocha -sweet mocha that surely compliments your coffee craving.
(3) Folgers Flavors Coffee Caramel -rich buttery-caramel flavor-delicious!
(3) Folgers Flavors Coffee Hazelnut- rich nutty flavor, yum!

My Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Experience

Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers makes my coffee routine fun and exciting! I love adding flavors to my coffee- and I have to say! it taste much better compare to just plain coffee. This Folgers Flavor Coffee Enhancers is so addicting! and so good. If you haven't tried Folgers Flavor Coffee Enhancers, grab some at the store and try it for yourself.
All four Folgers Flavor Coffee Enhancers are equally delicious. I've tried all four of them and I have to say, its so hard to choose just one ( I want all four flavors!) Now that we discover all four great flavors! I think its about time to grab some at the store (wink) I hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I do- and cheers to new morning coffee routine with Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers. I'll see you in few days for more fun, exciting foodie escapades. Have a great and fabulous day everyone. Stay gorgeous!

- Thank you to Folgers Coffee and Crowdtap for awesome Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers-:)

xoxox- Melgie 
  Disclosure: I received all the product mentioned above for FREE courtesy from Folgers Coffee #FolgersFan and Crowdtap. Opinion and experience shared is 100 percent mine. Thank you so much Folgers and Crowdtap #Sponsored  #FolgersFan #LoveCrowdtap #Crowdtap
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