Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tryazon: Simplify-It for Back-to-School Party

#Simplfy-It Back-to-School Party Review

Virtual Hug Everyone!
Yesterday was my daughter's first day of school as a first grader. Excitement overload as a Mom and of course my daughter love being at school! Its so much fun watching her giggling and getting excited every morning packing her lunch, and I'm so thankful to Simplify-It for Back-to-School party that I got for free courtesy from Collapse-It, Flip-It and Tryazon. It makes this back-to-school routine so much fun and easier. Join me as we experience together this awesome #Simplyfyit for back-to-school party.:)

So what is Tryazon? "Tryazon is the newest way to try out innovative products. Host a party and get free stuff!"  This is my third time to host a party from Tryazon and It felt amazing! As you may all remembered my first post HERE. All the great products they offer to try out are pretty impressive and its FREE. Yes! you heard it right- totally free. All you have to do is SIGN UP. Just simply apply for sampling party that interest you, get selected, received the product for free and host the party. Then, share the experience with your family and friends and enjoy.Super easy right? I think so too!:)

 I'm super excited to share what's inside my party kit. Let's take a peek!..wink:)

Simplify - It Kit includes:

* Collapse-It storage containers (3-pack- various sizes)
Collapse-It will help you rethink food storage with several collapsible silicone containers that are easy to store and locks in freshness with lids that create a vacuum seal. They come in variety of colors, shapes, and sizes
 * Flip-It Deluxe Cap Kit
 Flip-It! is the product you've been waiting for that helps you get every last drop out of your household plastic bottles. Simply screw the Flip-It! cap on and let gravity do the work.
*Exclusive coupons for you and your guests!
*Party Host Guide - to help you plan and carry out the party 

Party and Sampling Experience

Tryazon offers party guide which makes it so much easier. Yup! starting off by inviting my friends, plan the party and have fun. Let's start exploring all this great products starting off with:

Flip-It this is so awesome! all you have to do is screw the flip-it cap on ketchup, mustard, jelly, sauces and even lotion and shampoo. Let the gravity do the work and have fun using the jelly or lotion without hassle. I found it so easy to use and help me simplify things. 
Collapse-It this collapsible silicon containers is just perfect! After sampling this product, I have to say that its a MUST on every household. It keeps my food fresh, super easy to store, its dishwasher safe. You can use Collapse-It from freezer, microwave and into dishwasher- Yup! that's super easy huh? I think so too and they come with varieties of colors and sizes. 

My daughter actually uses the medium and the small size collapse-it containers. I put fruit slices on the small collapse-it container and the medium collapse-it container fit so perfect on her lunch bag. It keep her food fresh and delicious! It's super easy to open as well, which makes it so cool. My experience with Collapse-It and Flip-It products was amazing! I really like how makes my back-to-school routine so much fun and easier. Have you used Flip-It and Collapse-It products before? If so, share your thought on the comment below.  Enjoy the rest of the day everyone and don't forget to check some of my recipes to put on your collapse-it containers..wink:)
 Thank you for visiting my blog and I'll see you in few days! Stay gorgeous everyone!

- P.S- Thank you so much to Tryazon, Flip-It and Collapse-It for this amazing products.


Disclosure: I received this awesome Simplyfy-It for Back-to-School Party Kit for free courtesy from Tryazon to try out. Opinion is 100 percent mine. Thank you! #tryazon, #simplfyit #flipit #collapseit #backtoschool
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BzzAgent: Bon Appetit Pizza Review

Bon Appetit Trio Bacon

Hello Everyone!
I hope everything is good with you all! My week has been easy, relaxing, and  fun time with family. To add on the excitement, we had an amazing pizza dinner experience that I got for free courtesy from Bzzagent and Bon Appetit. Yes! you heard it right totally free and it was delicious!I simply can't wait to share this experience with you.

  So, What is BzzAgent? An international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services.
How Bzzagent works? take surveys, get invited, try the product, review and share, then Keep it UP! Check out Bzzagent website and sign up for FREE. Have fun exploring this amazing site.

Bon Appetit pizza campign just bring excitment to our table. It has five gourmet flavor to choose from that surely impresses on everyone's taste buds. Check them out!:)
  • Mozzarella and Pesto: features a tangy basil pesto, sliced mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
  • Spinaci: a mouthwatering combination of mozzarella, Asiago and Parmesan cheese, spinach and a flavorful garlic sauce
  • Pepperoni and Pesto: a bold combination of pepperoni, flavorful basil pesto and a zesty herb blend, along with Mozzarella, Provolone and Parmesan cheese
  • Roasted Vegetable: fire-roasted tomatoes, red onion and red, green and yellow bell peppers paired with a delicious blend of mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheeses
  • Trio Bacon: a decadent combination of Canadian bacon, traditional bacon and Italian Pancetta, caramelized sweet onions and mozzarella cheese

 Bon Appétit™ artisan thin crust pizzas are created using premium ingredients, starting with an artisanal thin crust, with carefully selected, delectable toppings.

My Bzzkit Includes:
 Coupon for a FREE box of Bon Appétit™ artisan thin crust pizza from your local grocer’s freezer in the variety of your choice
$1 off coupons to share with your friends

My Perfect Bite of Bon Appetit Pizza! Yum 

As a big foodie lover- this Bon Appetit Trio Bacon really suits my taste. It has traditional bacon, Canadian bacon, pancetta, caramelized sweet onions and mozzarella cheese. A perfect dinner indeed. The pizza has thin crust and great flavor combination that my family love and enjoy. The whole experience is simply delicious and looking forward to try other Bon Appetit pizza flavor. Yummo!
 Have you tried Bon Appetit Pizza? If so, what was your favorite gourmet flavor? Share me your thought and comments below. 
I hope you enjoy reading my latest foodie escapade. Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll see you in few days for more fun foodie experience. Stay gorgeous and don't forget to smile!:)

xoxoxo- Melgie

 Disclosure: I received Bon Appetit pizza coupon for free courtesy from Bon Appetit  and Bzzagent. My opinion and experience shared is 100 percent mine. Thank you Bon Appetit and Bzzagent for amazing pizza dinner experience.:) #Bzzagent #GotItFree #BonAppetit #SavortheMoment

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Full Spirited Flavours Experience

  Liqueur Infused Cakes Experience courtesy from Full Spirited Flavours

Virtual Hug Everyone!

I'm extremely excited to share with you my latest foodie experience. Yup! so awesome, delicious and unique cake tasting experience courtesy from Full Spirited Flavours. Its all started when Full Spirited Flavours sent me an e-mail about their cakes, and asked me If I'm interested to sample their liqueur infused cakes. As a foodie enthusiast this kind of opportunity is so amazing.  I'm so thankful for the chance and YES! it was truly an amazing experience. The flavor and aroma of the cakes are so delicious, unique, and mouthwatering. One of the BEST cake flavor! Yum:)

Let's bring together little prosperity into our life, as we unfold and experience Full Spirited Flavours together. Let's go!:)

Special Story behind Full Spirited Flavours
Six years ago during the economic decline, three sisters decided to start this company. Carole, Sue and Kathy are three sisters and founders of Full Spirited Flavours, a fairly new liqueur cake company. A truly unique Liqueur infusion process- Once the sisters have baked the cakes, they infuse a Liqueur baked glaze into the cakes, using the owner’s family-created infusion system. Full Spirited Flavours has been featured on Rachael Ray’s “The Snack of the Day” twice, on QVC’s Holiday special, Live Well, and the cakes are being sold at twenty-five outlets (from New Jersey to Virginia and Missouri)

I can't help but to admire the owner and founders of Full Spirited Flavours, their inspiring story and their commitment to offer a memorable experience through their cakes is truly amazing. Let's embrace this awesome and unique cake flavors. As I introduced you to all 4 flavor that Full Spirited Flavours has to offer. I'll promise you this is going to be fun and delicious! Yum

Introducing Full Spirited Flavours Liqueur Infused Cakes 

Chocolate Raspberry- This unique decadent chocolate cake is made with a raspberry liqueur, touch of chocolate chunks, infused with raspberry glaze and topped with a splash pink white chocolate creating a unique chocolate raspberry combination like no other.

Amaretto- This exceptional Signature Cake is made with Amaretto and rich chocolate pieces infused with an Amaretto glaze and topped with a hint of toasted almonds. A unique subtle flavor with exceptional moistness.

Limoncello- This amazing cake is made with superb Limoncello Liqueur, lightly embellished with white chocolate pieces, infused with our Limoncello glaze and topped with our scrumptious Limoncello soaked crumb topping.

Mango Coconut Rum- This cake with its distinct flavor has a touch of sweet mango and is infused with our coconut rum liqueur glaze creating a unique blend of flavors that will take you to the islands.

Awesome Tasting Experience
I'm totally impressed from the packaging of the product, the appearance and the TASTE! Oh yes! All four cakes that was sent to me were all SCRUMPTIOUS! A perfect dessert on any special occasions for sure. After opening each sample cakes, I can't help myself to sniff every single one of them. The cakes smells amazing! the aroma of fusion liqueur  and flavors creates distinct memorable smell. So great! and the BEST part is eating them. YUMMO! It has unique taste, delicious, sweet and the cakes are super moist. LOVE the whole experience.
Have you tried Full Spirited Liqueur Infused Cakes? If so, share me your memorable experience on the comment below. If your wondering how to avail/ order this delicious cakes online 
check their site below.
and don't forget to visit their lovely sites and have fun exploring their delicious treats.:)
I'll see you guys in few days. Have a sweet and lovely week everyone!:)

P.S- Thank you so much Sue, Carole, Kathy & Sydney for this awesome experience! I truly love all your liqueur infused cake creations. The BEST!:)

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received the Liqueur Infused Cakes for free courtesy from Full Spirited Flavours. Opinion express is 100 percent mine. Thank you! Full Spirited Flavours

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