Friday, October 16, 2015

NEW Kozy Shack® Indulgent Recipe Pudding Review

BzzAgent: Kozy Shack Indulgent Pudding Experience

#GotItFree courtesy from Bzzagent and Kozy Shack - Thank you!:)

Sweet Friday Everyone! 

Yippee! It's Fun-Friday everyone-:) A perfect day to plan some great activities and spend quality time with the kiddies. Simple things always excites me, like cooking together, watch movies , popcorn, and enjoying our new favorite pudding Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding that I got for FREE courtesy from BzzAgent. Yes! another awesome product review that I'm super excited to share to all of you. This perfect combination of rich, creamy, and thick pudding will surely gives you scrumptious week ahead. Are you excited, As I am? Let's get started!

  So, What is BzzAgent? An international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services. How Bzzagent works? take surveys, get invited, try the product, review and share, then Keep it UP! Check out Bzzagent website and sign up for FREE. Have fun exploring this amazing site.

With NEW Kozy Shack® Indulgent Recipe™ Pudding there’s no reason to be shy with your spoon. The rich taste and creamy texture of this thick pudding is just what you’re looking for whenever you need to satisfy your craving for something sweet. 

Kozy Schack Pudding is superb! and I love how good and addicting this pudding is! Let's take a look what's inside my Bzzkit. :)

My Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding Bzzkit Includes:
  • Two coupons for a FREE 4-pack of Kozy Shack® Indulgent Recipe™ Pudding in the flavor of your choice.
  • A Kozy Shack spoon to use while you indulge in your new favorite treat
  • Pass-along coupons for Kozy Shack® Indulgent Recipe™ Pudding so friends can get their sweet-tooth fix 

 Delicious Kozy Shack Indulgent Pudding Experience

Happy faces says it all! Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding is going to be my family's favorite pudding snack. The combination of rich and creamy texture of thick pudding is just PERFECT! Yes! It's really good and addicting- I have to say that one cup really isn't enough for me (wink). I always wanted for more, it just that delicious! Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding offers varieties of flavors to choose from like, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Bean, and Dark Chocolate. Knowing that they're made with simple, premium ingredients like cream and real sugar make them so inviting!

I redeemed my two free coupons of Kozy Shack Indulgent recipe pudding and I got the Chocolate Truffle and Dark Chocolate. YES!!! they are both delicious:) It really satisfy my cravings for sweets and its rich, creamy and thick so perfect for snack and desserts. Yum! I can't wait to try the Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel very soon.
Thinking about #puddinglove this weekend? Check out Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding for some delicious chocolate treats. I hope this blog post inspire you in so many ways and don't forget to drop sweet comments below. I'll be reading every single one of them.  

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone! I'll see you in few days for more fun foodie experience. (wink:)

xoxox- Melgie
 Disclosure: I received all the products mention above for FREE courtesy from Bzzagent. My opinion and experience sis 100 percent mine. Thank you #Bzzagent and Kozy Shack #GotItFree #PuddingLove
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Tryazon: Rhodes - Quick, Easy, & Delicious Party

Tryazon: Rhodes Bread Party experience

Hello Everyone!
It's Fun Friday at Campbell's abode- Yes! super fun and exciting because I'll be hosting Rhodes- Quick, Easy, & Delicious party for free courtesy from Tryazon. Anything about food always excite me and I love! love! Rhodes cinnamon rolls- and I'm sure you too! A perfect sweet treats, snack and for breakfast anytime of the day. Before we get this party started. I'd like to say "Thank you" Tryazon and Rhodes Bread for this amazing party experience.

 So what is Tryazon? "Tryazon is the newest way to try out innovative products. Host a party and get free stuff!"  This is my fourth time to host a party from Tryazon and It felt amazing! As you may all remembered my first post HERE. All the great products they offer to try out are pretty impressive and its FREE. Yes! you heard it right- totally free. All you have to do is SIGN UP. Just simply apply for sampling party that interest you, get selected, received the product for free and host the party. Then, share the experience with your family and friends and enjoy.Super easy right? I think so too!:)

Let me all welcome you to my Rhodes- Quick, Easy, & Delicious Party- were we can experience delicious products from Rhodes. Join me! as we discover what's inside my party kit.

Rhodes Party Pack Includes: 

*Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls Samples ( Note: 3 FREE Coupons will be provided so you can pick them up at your local retail store that carries Rhodes product)
- Since I can't find the Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls. I'll be featuring Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls and Dinner Rolls instead.
* Rhodes Oven Mitten
*Exclusive Coupons for me and for my guests.
*Party Host Guide- provided by Tryazon to help me plan and carry out the party. Awesome! 

Now that we have everything we need to get this party started. Let's discover my fun party experience courtesy from Rhodes and Tryazon.  I'll promise you this is going to be easy and delicious party experience.

It all started by inviting my family and friends. I prepared all the necessary ingredients, and now just done munching Rhodes product has to offer. 
First stop is the Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls- ( As I mentioned above- Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls is not available yet at my store, So, I'm using the  Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls) Its super easy to make- all you have to do preheat your oven, remove the top cover and bake it for 25-30 minutes. Pour the icing on top of the cinnamon and let it melt. Grab a plate and served hot! I have to say that, Rhodes cinnamon rolls is one of my family's favorite. It's scrumptious and perfect for snacks, sweet treats, and breakfast. Yummo!
Second is the Rhodes product featured in this party is Rhodes Dinner Rolls- Yes! It's soft, delicious and super easy to make. All you have to do is thawed the dough, and bake on preheated oven and viola! Perfect rolls for any occasion. As you all know me, I'm such a big fan of Pan de Coco and I used the Rhodes Dinner Rolls as my main dough ingredients in making Pan de Coco and it turned out PERFECT! My family and friends enjoyed it. 

My Rhodes- Quick, Easy, & Delicious party experience was awesome! I enjoyed my family and friends company, and we had so much with Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls and Dinner Rolls. It was a very fun party experience and I highly recommend Rhodes products. Yum!
I hope you enjoyed browsing through my Rhodes party experience, and give you some sweet ideas to make this weekend. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone! and I'll see you in few days for more great, fun foodie experience. Stay gorgeous as always!:)

- P.S- Thank you so much to Tryazon and Rhodes Bread for this amazing products.


Disclosure: I received this awesome Rhodes- Quick, Easy and Delicious Party Kit for free courtesy from Tryazon to try out. Opinion is 100 percent mine. Thank you! #tryazon, #rhodesbread #tryazonparty
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