Friday, April 25, 2014

Easy Beef Taco Recipe

Easy Beef Taco Recipe

Happy Friday everyone!
It feels like I haven't posted anything for long time, maybe because of a super busy week and the Easter celebration. How was your ester by the way? My kids enjoyed doing egg hunt at Aunt Mo house. They are so excited telling me how everything went and can't wait for next Easter. Anyways this week I made my family a super delicious and fast dinner. Yum! The only thing I cooked is the beef, rice and heated the black beans. I know, its looks like a lot of work but I'll promise you! its super easy to put them together and its delicious. I bet all the ingredients that you need is probably already in your pantry. Taco night it is! I also have a super easy Taco Salad recipe if you want to have that crunchy and salad taco feel for your desired taco night dinner. Yum!
You can totally change the recipe and put your own twist by substituting beef with your favorite choice of meat. Add your favorite toppings and loaded them up with cheese! Can I say something?? Delicious!
Come on and join me in my kitchen and lets making my version of Beef Taco Night.:) Check out the recipe below:)

Beef Taco Ingredients:

Thinly beef slice
Taco seasoning mix


1.) Heat the grill into high heat. Marinate the beef with the packet of taco seasoning mix. Set aside.
2.) Once the grill is heated. Put the marinated beef into the grill and let it cook for 5-7 minutes until its cooked.
3.) Serve into a bowl along with the other component in making Beef Taco's

Lets Make Taco's

Things you'll need:

Cooked beef
Sour cream
Chopped tomatoes
Black Beans

Time to build your Taco's

You can build your taco's the way you want it to be. I love to load mine with tortilla, rice, sour cream, beans, guacamole, beef, tomatoes and cheese. That's it! Enjoy your Taco dinner with your family.

Be inspired with my super easy beef taco and have it for dinner tonight ( wink ) Have great week everyone! and I'll see you in few days for more delicious recipe.:)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Puto Maya at Sikwate Recipe

Puto Maya at Sikwate Recipe

Sweet Day Everyone!
 The best thing that I love waking up in the morning is having Puto Maya and Sikwate. Yum! Do you missed those time? When your whole family just sit on the market stalls eating Puto Maya and Sikwate early in the morning or even late afternoon?  Well, I do! missed it a lot. There's nothing more exciting than smelling the aroma from Puto Maya and Sikwate, having fun eating with family and friends. Today, I'm going to make that traditional Filipino snack that you probably missed with my super easy simple recipe..:) Before, I proceed with the recipe I give you little introduction on what is Puto Maya and Sikwate means? Shall we:)

Puto Maya- a sweet sticky rice cooked with coconut milk. YUM! 
Sikwate/ Tableya- is a traditional Filipino hot chocolate beverage made of roasted cocoa beans that are grinned and form into “tablets.” Once tableya or tablets mix with water and sugar. It turn into this deliciously good hot chocolate most of the locals called it Sikwate or Tableya.
-Puto Maya + Sikwate = DELICIOUS!

Now, that you know little bit about the delicious food that I'm going to share with you. Are you excited to make it at home? Yes?  This is not the first time I made Puto Maya, This is like more my" to go" merienda so I make this recipe all the time. The recipe is very similar on making Suman Malagkit but without the banana leaves, and kinda same with Biko Espesyal Recipe but without caramel sauce. The Puto Maya is often served with Sikwate and some folks especially my friends told me that they are equally delicious paired with Mango as well. YUM! Although I haven't tried it with mango, I'm curios what it taste like.:)
C'mon you guys! join me in my kitchen and lets enjoy and devour Puto Maya! Below are the recipe ob both Puto Maya and Sikwate..check them out.:)

- Used fresh coconut milk if you have it on hand. Adjust the recipe for larger crowd and taste according to your preference.


2 cups of sticky rice
1 can of 13.5 oz coconut milk
Ginger- sliced
sugar- depend on how sweet you want it to be

1.) Put the 2 cups of sticky rice in a pan or you can simply used rice cooker in this process. Rinse the sticky rice with water. Add the whole can of coconut milk, little salt, sugar and ginger.
2.) Let it cooked on medium high heat. That's it!
3.) Once the coconut milk is gone turn it low.

Sikwate Recipe:


 The ratio on a perfect Sikwate is (1 tableya into 1 cup of water). Just simple put the tableya and water in large pan and let it boil to perfection. Add brown sugar and serve it on your favorite mug. Enjoy!

A perfect combination snack for you and the whole group to enjoy. One word to describe about this recipe is DELICIOUS! No wonder why we keep coming back every Sunday  just to buy Puto Maya and have a stock of tableya on hand all the time. This is the closer I can get to bring those childhood memories. Until now, I still love eating this dish... Are you big fan of Puto Maya and Sikwate as well? Please share your thoughts about this awesome merienda. 
 Until next time and hopefully you'll find this recipe exciting, fun and delicious. Enjoy the rest of the day:)
Thank you so much to all who visit my blog.
P.S- Happy Holy Week everyone back in the Philippines:)

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beef with Brocoli Recipe

 Hello Everyone!
 I usually do my food and recipe blog every Friday or Saturday but this past couple days has been super busy for me. The schedule between work and home is just so hectic, but I just want to let all my lovely readers and visitors know that I read all your sweet comments, Thank you so much!. By the way,I'm back! hehehe with another delicious recipe, this Beef  with Broccoli recipe is kinda like my " to go " meal for busy day. It is very easy and quick to make, we are talking like less than 15 minutes..wink! which is perfect recipe for busy day. I do love to do take out sometimes but there's some days that I just love to cook for my family, I just simply LOVE the aroma, the sizzling noise just simply love cooking. What is your favorite to go meal for busy day? Do you love broccoli as much as I do? If YES! this recipe is for you my friend. The cooking process is like 15 minutes and your done! You can totally make your own twist by substituting broccoli with your favorite vegetables or whatever you have on hand is totally fine. I love simple sauces like soy sauce and beef stock but I've seen broccoli and beef sauce mix at grocery store the other day. Its a good thing to know! Yay!
C'mon join me in my kitchen and lets make a fast delicious dinner for the whole family. Yum!

- Adjust the recipe for larger crowd.
- Broccoli and Beef sauce mix is available in the market now but you can totally do soy sauce and beef stock if you want.
- Subsitute broccoli with your favorite vegetables or whaever in your hand is totally fine.
-Taste according to your preference.

1/2 lb. beef- thinly sliced
broccoli bunch
onion- thinly sliced
soy sauce or broccoli and beef sauce mix
salt and pepper - to taste
beef stock- optional

1.) Marinate the sliced with little soy sauce. Set aside.
2.) Meanwhile, in large pan put little oil wait until it heat through then add the marinated beef.
3.) Once the beef is cooked. Add the onion saute for couple minutes. Add the broccoli.
*If you have the beef and broccoli sauce mix this the perfect time to add it to the pan, If you don't little soy sauce and beef stock will do.
4.) Add your favorite sauce or in this case I add little soy sauce and beef stock. Let it simmer until everything is cook. Salt and Pepper to taste. DONE!
5.) Served with hot white rice and enjoy:)

I told you its a quick fix meal and I hope you'll be inspired  enough to make this one of this day, kinda like your to go meal on busy day.  To my lovely readers and visitor of this blog. Thank you so much for keep coming back and I hope you like all the recipe that I posted. Till next time for more scrumptious recipes. Have great day ahead everyone!
xoxox- Melgie

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