Thursday, January 24, 2013

Homemade Cute little Bags

Homemade Cute Treat Bags

(Perfect bag for yummy treats )

Me and my good friend Mj will be throwing baby shower next month, So, this is like a continue project for  baby shower favors that I'm making, I'm thinking it would be great addition to the  Homemade Little Boxes I made earlier this week. I was little busy this week celebrating my birthday, work, kids and family, I'm still find some time to make this homemade treat bags, experimenting as I would say (haha). Its like family time with me and my kids, before they take their afternoon nap. It's always fun doing it.
 I love to be busy all the time, it seems like time goes so fast and I wanna do as much as I can ( wink ).  " Time is GOLD" so every minute is valuable.. cheers! Happy weekend everyone!

Things you need: 
Ribbons/ embellishment

Fold the crease area of the card stock. Use the tip of the scissor to flatten the surface. Then cut little slit on both side. Just like the picture above.Continue the process until everything is done.

I personalized this cute little treat bag by putting some baby decorations, heart embellishment perfect for baby shower theme.

Glued all little treat bags, Let is set for 30 minutes or so, and add some ribbons on top or you can totally just leave as simple as is it.


  1. so nice!!! I remember the time when I was also so meticulous for my son's birthday when growing up... and how I loved making crafts especially, for his birthday giveaways! I miss this time... so many changes have come including my son's growing up (now 17) and more hospital work!

    1. thank you! It probably change when time comes for now.. I enjoyed doing it:)


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