Monday, January 21, 2013

Glimpse on my 25th Birthday

My 25 Birthday Celebration

I was so happy and excited to celebrate my 25th birthday. I was thankful for my 25th year existence on this wonderful world, for having loving family and great friends. I couldn't ask for more in life.

 So this how I celebrate my 25th Birthday!

Soup for the day

First stop, My hubby treat me for dinner on my favorite restaurant OUTBACK Steakhouse. I love steak!
It's good thing I tried their walkabout soup that day. It's very delicious! It just creamy bake potato soup with bacon bits, cheese and green onion on top. It's very good birthday dinner I would say:)

Meatballs and Rice

 Flowers and Balloons
Next stop, Birthday party with family. My mother in-law make my favorite meal Meatballs and Rice. It's the best meatball I've ever tasted in my 25 years existence. ( lol ) no kidding. Also, I was showered with glorious gifts, flowers and balloons. My Mother in-law also make a chocolate cake with vanilla icing, ( picture on very top) Thank you much for making my day extra special.:)

 We have Lumpia, cassava cake, carbonara, monggo, fish, dried fish, cupcakes, cakes, eggplant, fish sauce, and sinigang na hipon. 

 Sinigang na Hipon- Made by Rose

 Red Velvet Cupcake- made by Cherry

 Rachel- for this yummy cake

Third stop, Surprised Birthday celebration with my good friends, Rachel, Cherry and Rose. So, It's like fiesta again none stop eating, videoke and playing cards. It's always fun hanging out with them, The fun part is was surprised birthday bash.
Thank you so much for glorious gift, great friendship and much more!

- Word can't explain how much I'm thankful for everything for making my life so special and fulfill with happiness. I love you all:)


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