Thursday, December 27, 2012

Salmon Paksiw

Salmon Paksiw

 Due to holiday season, I wasn't able to post for couple of days. I was extremely busy with Christmas, preparing and wrapping the presents. It's wonderful celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I'm so blessed with my loving family and friends, never asked anything this year, but I received good stuffs. It always fun watching my kid opening their presents. Their anticipation of what inside the box, their ohhh! and ahhhh!! This is why I love Christmas!!
 So, this morning I feel little tired, so I decided to make "Salmon Paksiw " I wasn't sure how this thing gonna turn out cause, I never tried this before, specially with Salmon, but HEY!! It work out really good. Super delicious. I highly recommend this for those who like "salmon" and like "paksiw" at the same time.: I'll show you how easy it is to make this and it takes no time at all, very quick!

Salmon- I prefer big chunk for paksiw
Salt n Pepper- to taste
Green Pepper,
Soy sauce

 1.) Combine equal part of soy sauce, vinegar and little lemon. Set aside; Meanwhile chopped all the veggies put in the skillet and add little water.
2.) Add the Salmon and the sauce in the skillet. Let it cook.
3.) Salt n Pepper to taste and serve it with rice.

To my family and friends:
Thank you so much for making this Christmas the best! I love you all:) wink..


  1. This looks so yummy. I don't really like paksiw but pag ganito naman kasarap I'll eat my heart out!

    Mommy Maye2

  2. I miss paksiw. Just like Mommy's comment, she is not used to eat paksiw.
    I like this cooked with more oil and sili.

  3. I like Salmon but I always steam or pan-fry it, haven't tried paksiw. Maybe next time. :)


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