Friday, December 21, 2012

Sauteed Shrimp

Sauteed Shrimp

( Ginisang Hipon)

Shrimp is one of my favorite seafood, I like to cook in different way I could, this time I'd like to keep it simple and short, As I would say " simplest  flavor is the best" 
 My Mom taught me how to make this dish, when I was growing up, and the process is very simple. Since,  then I always cook my shrimp the way my Mom cooked it, I still remember the taste of it and its simply delicious. Its very simple process and very fast! I'll show you how east it is to make it.:)

1/2 lb.Shrimp
 3 tablespoon vinegar
Salt and Pepper- to taste
Parsley- I used dried parsley
2 tablespoon Oil 
4 tablespoon water

1.)Combine all the ingredients, toss and saute on top of stove until shrimp are cooked. 
2.) Stir with spatula and serve with rice.

Just remember when the shrimp turn letter "C" and the color change into orange, It means its COOK! 
Shrimp doesn't take long to cook I would between 3-6 minutes depend how much shrimp you're cooking.


  1. payts!!! keo dai ... nag post ka ani ... shrimp ang isa sa mga favorite food nako .. ge guton nuon ko dah !!

  2. Salamat Dai,Mao gyud Dai, Pag anhi nimo danhi I'll make you some.:)

  3. Craving for this sis. But I have to calculate how much calories this will cost me hehe.

  4. Shrimp is one of my favorite seafood too. My favorite dish is salted-egg shrimp. First time to see a shrimp recipe with vinegar.


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