Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fried Bangus Recipe

Fried Bangus Recipe

( My version of Fried Milkfish Recipe )

Hello Everyone!

I woke up this morning feeling happy and energized! I have fresh brew coffee on hand, kids are eating their breakfast, and I'm preparing one of my favorite breakfast food. O, Yes! Fried Bangus, boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes, over steamy plate of rice sound amazing. Isn't it? This ultimate breakfast experience is absolutely delicious and I simply can't wait to share with you my own version of Fried Bangus. This Fried Bangus recipe is perfect for any occasions and surely impresses everyone. It's cripsy, flavorful, and just perfect. Are you ready for delicious morning experience. Let's get cooking! Shall we?

I used  Sarangani Baby Milkfish Marinated Bangus on this recipe ( which is available on many Asian supermarkets)
- Adjust the quantity according to your needs.
- Pair the Fried Bangus with your favorite sawsawan.

Fried Bangus Recipe

Marinated Baby Milkfish 
Cooking Oil
Sliced Tomatoes
Boiled Eggs

Cooking Directions: 

1.) In large pan, heat the cooking oil in medium heat. Fry the Milkfish for about 4-5 minutes on each side or until golden brown. I prefer my Bangus little crispy (wink)
Note: Be careful of oil splatter when placing the milkfish onto hot oil. 
2.) Place the Fried Bangus in paper towel to drained excess oil.
3.) Serve with boiled eggs, fresh tomato, sawsawan and steamy place of rice. Yum!

What make this Fried Bangus recipe extra amazing? It doesn't take time to make. Perfect for morning rush and its incredibly delicious. If you love fish especially milkfish this recipe is right for you. I can't explain how I LOVE Fried Bangus-  this is something that reminds me back home, something that I really enjoy eating. It is a part of me (hahaha) 

Next time you craved for something fishy, delicious, crispy, and remind you about Philippines give Fried Bangus a try. Its absolutely delicious! I hope this blog post inspire you for delicious recipe experience. Until next time everyone! Don't forget to SMILE and stay GORGEOUS as always.:)

xoxox- Melgie

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  1. Aww, I've read this post and I want to eat breakfast again. I love bangus, one of my favorite fish so it is always included in our menu. Kakagutom photos mo. :)

    1. salamat Sis, masarap nga talaga. Ako nga din, I feel hungry tuloy. Thanks!:)

  2. I always love the fried bangus, it's perfect to eat breakfast with this and plus coffee.

    1. Same here, always part of my weekly routine. Yum! Thanks, Sis

  3. Kakagutom naman sis. Makes me crave for daing na Bangus for breakfast, err lunch na pala now. Hehe.

  4. My family loves pritong bangus, they just want to make sure that it's boneless :-) it's so good with vinegar.


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