Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party

Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party Experience

Thank you Tryazon and Sweet Creations by Good Cook for these Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party.

Hello Everyone!

I still can't get over how awesome my Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party experience was. As food enthusiast trying new recipes and baking is a part of me. I always get excited when I cook food and bake sweet goods that I know my family will love and enjoy. So, Today- I'm sharing with you my wonderful experience with Sweet Creations products by Good Cook. Although, I noticed Sweet Creations by Good Cook before, this is actually my first time trying them out. I must say, these products are pretty impressive and really creates beautiful design in no time. Do you want to know little more background of Sweet Creations by Good Cook?  I bet you do! (wink)

Sweet Creations is new product line under the Good Cook brand. Good Cook has been around since 1987, with an operating philosophy of incorporating quality, value and service into every product. The philosophy has helped the company achieve the number the number one market-share position for kitchen tools and gadgets in the grocery trade. 

Good Cook products are distributed in over 30,000 U.S retail store outlets. With a variety of products ranging from cookware to cutlery to kitchen gadgets, there are many accessible options that can add fun and functionality to your kitchen.For more information on the Sweet Creations line up of products, please visit:  http://everydaycooking.goodcook.com/category/sweet-creations/

If you need anything when it comes to kitchen gadgets and baking essentials. Check out Sweet Creations by Good Cook products now available at Walmart.  Before, I open my party kit pack. Let me share...

What is Tryazon? "Tryazon is the newest way to try out innovative products. Host a party and get free stuff." I hosted many Tryazon parties, and loved it! Its super easy to JOIN and experience the FUN of being a host! Sign Up now for FREE at Tryazon!:) Can't get enough of Tryazon? Check my two latest post of Tryazon: Blount Organic Gourmet Soup and Guidecraft #IOBlocks Party

Now that we know about Sweet Creations products and Tryazon. Its time to take a peek what inside my party kit. :)

As one of the lucky host of Oodle Of Fun Cupcake Party. I'm extremely excited, happy, and thankful to received all these wonderful party pack valued at $150+ for free. Join me as we uncovered what inside my super awesome party pack. Let's go!

Oodle Of Fun Cupcake Party Pack Kit

16 Oddle Tip Stars
12 Cupcake Boxes
2 (50 Count) Cupcake Papers
$15 Walmart Gift card- for extra party supplies
Party Host Guide- to help carry out party
My Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party started when I got accepted to be one of the lucky host. Then, I planed and invited my friends to join me for delicious lunch- then followed by cupcake galore! Oh, YES! it was so much fun.

I started by baking cupcakes 24 to be exact. Then, my friends helped me set up the table, we ate delicious lunch- and have fun taking pictures, decorating our cupcakes, and try different designs by using #OodleTip. Then, we have our FINISHED  product. Together with my friends we created this Cupcake Tower,  which by the way look gorgeous and tasted SO good. Yum!

I love everything about this Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party! The #OodleTip-is frosting bag with an innovative frosting tip that can cut for different and fun design. It makes everything so much easier when it comes to frosting cupcake. Not only that its super easy to use, but also fun and efficient  to help you make delicious, designer-looking cupcake. Then, I use my Cupcake & Cake Pop stand to put the frosted cupcakes.

The most fun and unforgettable about this Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party was, my friends decorate their own cupcakes to take home. It was the BEST experience ever! To make everything extra special. I packed them a little goodie bag that has cupcake dividers, oodle tips stars, cupcake corer, and cupcake boxes with delicious cupcake inside. After sampling these wonderful Sweet Creations by Good Cook products- I must say that these products are MUST-have items for me. It just makes everything so much fun and easier! I love everything about this party experience from the products, the baking, decorating the cupcakes and the experience that I'm able to share to my friends. I highly recommend Sweet Creations by Good Cook products. They have wide selections of products that will cater your baking needs. So, grab these wonderful products at Walmart. Have fun baking!:)
I'll see you in few days for more fun foodie escapades. Enjoy the rest of the day! Don't forget to SMILE and stay GORGEOUS!:)

Thank you Tryazon and Sweet Creations by Good Cook for the BEST party experience!

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: The Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party Kit was sent to me for FREE courtesy from Tryazon and Sweet Creations by Good Cook in participation of Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party. Opinion express on this review are my own. Thank you #Tryazon #OodleTip
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  1. What a fun party! I love the colors of the cupcakes and I love the cupcakes.

    1. Thank you, Peachy! Everything was fun especially, we had to experience how great Sweet Creations by Good Cook products were. Amazing stuff!:)

  2. Wow, very generous cupcake party kit. This is really nice activity for kids and adults. We've experienced this last Easter Sunday.

    1. I agree, great activities for kids and adults. It so fun decorating the cupcakes using the #OodleTip. Thank, Sis:)

  3. Wow! Kompletos rekados na sis! I think those cupcakes were beautifully made! I'm glad to hear you had fun!

  4. Why these cupcakes looks so WOW!!!??? Supper cute sis and I like the designs. Nako ang toddler ko laging gusto ang cupcakes. Parang ang saya-saya mag decor nito. Kitang kita naman na you really having fun.

  5. Aww.. love the cupcakes that you made. It has been quite a while since the kids and I made cupcakes.

  6. So colorful and looks yummy. Perfect for parties.

  7. This is such a fun and great party idea. I'm sure my daughters would enjoy something like this also.


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