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Russell Stover® Everyday Chocolates Review

Russell Stover® Everyday Chocolates Experience!

Disclosure: I received these two bags Russell Stover Everyday Chocolate and coupons for free courtesy from BzzAgent. Opinion express are my own.

Hello Everyone!

Calling all chocolate fanatics out-there! I'm pretty excited to do a sweet, delicious product review that I know for sure you all love. Introducing Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates, handcrafted in small batches and made with superior chocolate taste and quality. As a huge fan of Russell Stover products, It feels amazing to get these delicious treat for free courtesy from BzzAgent. Yes! you heard it right its totally free. Another wonderful product to review that I cannot wait to share with you. Awesome! Before, I get started. Let's get to know BzzAgent

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Now we know how amazing to be a member of BzzAgent. Lets go back and experience  #ChocolateEverday with Russell Stover Chocolates. Yumm! I'm literally eating Russell Stover Pistachio Bark while writing this blog (wink) Do you want to know what's inside my BzzKit? Grab your favorite drink, and together let's open my BzzKit.

  So, What is BzzAgent? An international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services. How Bzzagent works? take surveys, get invited, try the product, review and share, then Keep it UP! Check out Bzzagent website and sign up for FREE. Have fun exploring this amazing site.
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What’s in This BzzKit?

  • One FREE full-size bag of Russell Stover Assorted Favorites
  • One FREE full-size bag of Russell Stover Bark Dark Chocolate Pistachio
  • $2-off coupons for your luckiest friends

Russell Stover Chocolates wants you to enjoy their favorite flavors without buying the whole box. Let me introduce all delicious flavors in this one bag of Russell Stover Assorted Bags ( all four delicious flavor in one bag)
Milk Chocolate Pecan Delight- Crunchy pecans and buttery caramel in a milk chocolate shell.
Milk Chocolate Caramel- Smooth caramel coated in sweet milk chocolate
Dark Chocolate Coconut- Bittersweet dark chocolate with a tasty coconut center
Dark Chocolate Mint Patty- Rich, bittersweet dark chocolate with fresh mint filling 

All four flavors are equally delicious! They are individually wrapped and handcrafted in small batches. Perfect sweet treat for the whole family. Have I told you how much I love Russell Stover? I can't get enough of this rich, creamy, superior chocolate taste. Indeed delicious!

Let's move on and talk about your next favorite Russell Stover Everday Chocolates, introducing Bark and Pretzels. A perfect chocolate treat with super easy resealable pouches for convenient snacking. Crunchy treat for unique satisfying taste.

Orange & Almond Bark- lightly roasted almonds and bright orange pieces in rich dark chocolate bark.
Pistachio Bark- Delicately roasted pistachio pieces in a bittersweet dark chocolate bark
Crunchy Caramel Bark- Crunchy, sweet toffee pieces in a rich milk chocolate bark

Milk Chocolate Pretzels- Crunchy pretzels twice-dipped in sweet milk chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt.

The Pistachio Bark was the bag that I received for free, and its absolutely delicious! It has perfect flavor, sweetness and crunch. Let me tell you something, Pistachio Bark is so addicting and delicious! A perfect snack treat anytime of the day. Yum!

I highly recommend all the Russell Stover chocolates flavors mentioned on this blog post. They are DELICIOUS!

 These delicious Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates treats really completes my chocolate cravings. Its made with superior chocolate taste and quality, that makes every bite super special. If you are looking for special chocolate treats. Look no further and grab bags of Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates at you store. I absolutely LOVE every single bite of Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates. It is now officially one of my favorite chocolate treats. Its amazingly delicious! Give it a try and stock up at Kroger, Target, Walmart or use this Store Locator to find Russell Stover retail stores near you.

I hope this blog post inspires you to get your Russell Stover favorite chocolates. Don't forger to LIKE Russell Stover Facebook Page for more delicious chocolate ideas. Check BzzAgent site and don't forget to Sign Up for free. I'll see you in few days for more fun product reviews and scrumptious recipes. Don't forget to SMILE and stay gorgeous as always :)

xoxox Melgie

 Disclosure: I received these two bags Russell Stover Everyday Chocolate and coupons for free courtesy from BzzAgent. Opinion express are my own. Thank you BzzAgent #GotItFree #BzzAgent #ChocolateEverday

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  1. We love chocolates, it is something that we can't give up so diet is not really for us. I would like to try the Milk Chocolate Pecan Delight. :)

    1. Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Pecan Delight are so good. They wrapped individually, perfect sweet treat Sis. Thanks :)

  2. Chocolates is always love. Can I have some sis? Those Russel Stover Milk Chocolates look yummy.

  3. Chocolates is always love. That's why I don't buy that much or nothing kasi nakakaadict. Especially that Russell Stover Milk Chocolates. Can I have some sis :)

    1. Sure Sis, grab a handful!:) I'm such a chocolate fanatic. So good! thanks:)

  4. I'm not much of a chocolate lover - but when I do, ayoko ng plain chocolate, parang ang bilis kasi sumakit ng lalamunan ko pag sobrang sweet. haha. And of all the branded chocolates out there, I love snickers the most. hehe. This one looks tasty too, gusto ko kasi ung di pure chocolate lang.

    1. You are going to love these Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates Sis, maraming variety tsaka hindi masyadong matamis. The pistachio bark are amazingly good for sure magugustuhan mo to. Thanks:)

    2. Ay! I want to try this out! Idk lang saan available to dito sa PH. Sana meron sa SM para naman ma-try at mukhang masarap e. :D

  5. Chocolate lover here! And I see my son loves it too! Haven't seen this brand here in Manila even sa mga Candy corner. Sayang, I would love to try it pa naman. Thanks for sharing though. :)

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

    1. Hehehe Your welcome! Hope it will be available soon. Its delicious!:)

  6. Chocolate are more tastier if its free. Great Review Ms. Melgie!

  7. Thanks for the review. I would love to check out this Bzzagent too. The products they send out for sampling look so good! Those Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates are to die for!

    1. You are welcome, I agree Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates are to die for. Yum!

  8. I love love love Russell Stover!!! You got me drooling with this post.

  9. I should not read this article in the middle of the night milk chocolate with caramel. Grabeee sounds delicious. Now Im craving 😂

  10. I haven't tried the pistachio bark yet but I love Russell Stover chocolates.


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