Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Outerbanks, NC Summer Vacation 2016

Summer Vacation 2016

Hello Everyone!

Summer time is always something that I look forward to- that warm weather reminds me of fun under the sun activities. Hanging out at the beach/pool is something that I really love and enjoy to do with my family. So, this summer I'm taking you with me to my beach and beyond experience at Outerbanks, NC - a place where you can relax and creates memories that will last for lifetime. I will never get tired going back to this place over and over again and over again... I'm so grateful to my in-laws for always inviting us for fun summer vacation. As you may remembered my first  Outerbanks, NC experience back in 2013, followed by Outerbanks Escapades 2014 and of course Outerbanks, NC 2015 where I get a chance to visit Jollibee on our way back home..:)

This summer vacation 2016 is no different. Once again, we hit out paradise destination! Outerbanks, NC. I can't wait to share with you, another fun memorable memories this summer. If you can't get enough of summer vacation. Checked my Disney World Florida Experience 2016. Grab your favorite drink and keep on reading. Its going to be awesome summer ahead!

Best thing about this vacation was hanging out at BEACH anytime you WANT. There's no time restrictions, you go as you please. Our condo was located very close to the beach and has unlimited access to the pool and hot tub anytime. Awesome right? That's not all--- sunset and sunrise overview from deck was amazing!

One of the things that you can do while at Outerbanks is go fishing. My in-laws said it was super FUN and they caught a lot of fish. I was able to enjoyed that fresh caught fish. Checked out my last photo.

Bonfire & Smore's at the BEACH is another fun activities you could do at Outerbanks. All you need is a fire permit, smore's essentials, music, and family. I LOVE Smore's and hearing the ocean breeze feels wonderful. This was one of the things that I looked forward in doing every time I'm at Outerbanks.

Beach and Beyond Experience with Family- nothing can beat being with your family just hanging out at the beach all day long. Feeling the sand between your toes, building sand castle, swimming, long walk, and sunbathe. So relaxing!

Jockey's Ridge "Sand Dune Adventure" was something that I looked forward in doing at Outerbanks. My kids loved climbing, running, playing with the sand and so do I. Next on the list is Souvenir Shopping as its BEST that's right my friend. Since, everything is so close together you can just walked to get your souvenir. Its fun walking with hubby, get exercise, and catches as many Pokemon (wink) I have to admit! Pokemon Go is addicting! Don't you agree?

Lists of fun things to do at Outerbanks:

*Wright Brother Memorial Park-  I visited this park back in 2013 and it was amazing. Its great experience for the whole family.
*Aquarium Adventure
* watched "The Lost Colony" @ Roanoke, Island
 .....and so many more!:)

Summer vacation won't be complete without delicious meal at the end of the day. Yup, that's right I will be sharing my delicious foodie escapades. Starting off my with my scrumptious brunch at Nags Head Fishing Pier. I ordered "Special EM" which composed of sausage, egg, toast and grits. OMG! It was delicious- sausage egg and grits together is simply delicious. Not to mention that we have a great view of the ocean while enjoying brunch together with my family.

I made homemade fresh blue fish and Spanish mackerel. Yes! Delicious- my in-laws went fishing and caught these fish. Best ever! I had scrumptious meatloaf, crab cakes, macaroni & cheese, corn, buns, pizza, wings. Aside from this delicious food. I also get a chance to celebrate two wonderful birthday's

A summer vacation that forever be treasure in my heart and memories of lifetime. That's how I spent my summer vacation with my wonderful family. I hope this blog post will inspires you this summer. Don't forget to smile and always be grateful. Until next time everyone! Stay gorgeous as always.

P.S Thank you to my family for another wonderful Outerbanks summer vacation. :)

xoxox- Melgie

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  1. I wanted to experience fishing again, it's been years since the last time I tried it. Nakakaproud lang if ikaw nakahuli ng kakainin mo na seafood. :)

    1. OO naman, its nice to experience to go out and experience fishing. Sarap ng feeling and making fish kilawin is just simply delicious! Thanks, Sis:)

  2. If I'll have a house near the beach too, I would never miss the opportunity of fishing and swimming everyday! Glad you enjoy your vacation!

  3. I love swimming and fishing too, I still remember before in Mindanao during afternoon nagfifishing na kami sa fish fond for our dinner.

    1. Those moments are forever to be treasured. Thanks Sis:)

  4. Aww the place looks peaceful. Haven't been to the beach for a long time ever since I knew I was pregnant. Now, we can't still go since our toddler is super likot na. Hubby wants na our little one is big enough before enjoying the sand and the waves.

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  5. I wish I could also live near the sea. It would be fun. Except, I guess, if there are storms.

  6. It's nice to see you having a great summer vacation sis. I wasn't able to enjoy mine last time here in PH because I was already pregnant then and all I did was to stay home until now. I'm itching to hit the beach soon! Hopefully I'll have time.

    1. Hopefully very soon Sis, kahit sa pool lang okay na yun. Next time you hit the beach, its going to fun with your little one na.:)

  7. Nice place, sis! I bet you guys had fun! Grabe pag vacation jan halos lahat yata nagbabakasyon talaga e. haha. Konti ng callers namin ngayon, busy yata sa vacay nila. :D

  8. I miss hitting the beach with my family, syempre rainy season na dito! Looks like you had loads of fun during your vacation, sis!

  9. Sarap naman ng vacation nyo plus yummy foods pa. You really had so much fun!


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