Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wonderful Celebrations of June 2016

Daughter's 7th Birthday, Anniversary and Father's Day Celebration

Hello Everyone!

June has been super quick and fun month for us. But, before June ends I would like to share with you  three amazing moments which includes my daughter's 7th birthday celebration. O, yes! She's already seven years old and shes growing fast. As you may remembered from last post HERE. So, this blog post is just a sweet addition to my blog. A birthday celebration won't be complete without delicious food and great company of family and friends right? So, get ready to explore the perfect summer month yet? Grab your favorite and keep on reading!:)

Birthday Celebration

 Birthday party won't be complete without the cake right? The easiest way to get delicious cake in no time is either store bought or per-ordered personalized cake according to your theme. But, if you love to make your kids homemade birthday cake just like I do. Then, this post is right for you. My daughter really LOVE Shopkins! she collect them, play with them and even her clothes and kitchen utensils have Shopkins characters on it. So, when, she asked me to make her a Shopkins cake. I decided to give it a try. What we have is the Shopkins "Macaroons" Isn't she a pretty cake? The most important thing was my daughter LOVED it.

I just followed the direction in making the cake, bought icing that I needed and tried to make the BEST Homemade Shopkins Cake for my daughter. As you can see on the photo above, the process of making is actually super easy and fun. I added Shopkins topping and candles that matches the color of the cake. It was a success!

After making the cake. I also made some of Reyna's favorite dish which includes Lumpia Shanghai, Bihon and Caldereta. My mother in-law made delicious meatballs, steam corn, and we had great drinks, chips. Just all fun stuff on her birthday.

The BEST thing about birthday celebration are family and friends. So, give me time to introduce you to my wonderful good friends (Michelle, Cherry & MJ) - Thank you for being such a wonderful friends and also for coming over to celebrate my daughter's 7th birthday. 
To my beloved Family- Thank you so much for being so generous as always, for all the glorious gifts, and for making Reyna's 7th birthday super special one. I love you all!:)

Our Wedding Anniversary

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary celebration was simple yet so perfect! I love every minute being with my Sweetie- his the BEST partner, husband, and father to our kids. Words can't express how much I love him. Cheers to our 8th and many.. many... more years together. I love you with all my senses, Sweetie!

Father's Day Celebration

My kids made my hubby a really nice homemade card. It expresses how kids loved and adore him as their wonderful Dad. I was so touched reading their cards. Then, we went out for breakfast with my Father in-law and Reese at IHOP. It was the best and memorable meal ever. As pictured below, I ordered the breakfast platter. It was delicious!!!  

Its never too late to say Happy Father's Day before June ends, right? wink! I hope this post inspire you in so many ways. Keep on browsing my blog for more delicious and super easy recipe to try this weekend. Don't forget to check my latest post on my other blog www.wish4less.info. Until next time everyone! Enjoy the rest of the week. Stay gorgeous as always.

xoxox- Melgie

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  1. Shopkins are so in for girls noh? I learned this when I attended one birthday party and yan wishlist ng celebrant. hehehe! Belated happy birthday to your daughter, happy anniversary to you both and happy father's day to your hubby. :)

  2. Food looks delicious and that cake is adorbs! Happy Birthday to your daughter and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. May you share more happy years together!


  3. so many celebrations! The cake is so cute. Good job! Happy anniversary and happy birthday to your daughter!

  4. Happy 8th Anniversary and happy birthday to you

    1. Thank you, Sis. Its my daughter's birthday, not mine :)

  5. Wow, that's a lot of occasion and definitely calls for a celebration! Belated happy father's day to your hubbylove, belated happy birthday to your daughter and belated happy anniversary sis! Keep the love alive! :)

    1. Thank you, Sis its been an amazing life journey with my loveones. Always grateful every single day. Thank you!:)

  6. Lots of things too celebrate the past month! Belated Happy Anniversary and Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  7. Happy anniversary to you both. I had a worst experience with lumpia last week during my hubby's birthday. My step-in-law bought a ready-made lumpia from the grocery and when we cooked it, it was awful!!! Sort of I had a trauma then. Seeing your lumpia, it looks great though. :)

    1. Sorry to hear that, the Lumpia Recipe that I have is super easy to make and delicious, you can add ingredients you like pa. Thanks Sis, hope you have better luck on Lumpia next time.:)

  8. Cute cake is it sis. And all the food looks yummy. We just had lumpiang shanghai and we still have frozen stocks inside our freezer. Daddy made it :)


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