Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Glorious Outerbanks Vacation 2014

Outerbanks Vacation Escapades

Hello Everyone!
I'm officially back from my great week vacation with my loving family...and Guess what? I'm missed you all! It's been pretty fast month for me, I felt like, I started to felt that vacation mode and the next thing I know, It's time for us to go back. Time went so fast when your having fun, "ika nga" But, Hey! I'm bringing those sweet, unforgettable and fun memories with me and I'm beyond excited to share it with you:)  Are you excited? Come on, hold my hand and join me, As, I uncovered my everyday fun food escapades, great beach adventures and my relaxing moments at Outerbanks.
Here we go!..wink:)

Outerbanks is the place where I can relax and enjoy every moment of it. Actually, I remembered blogging about my last year Outerbanks vacation.:) So, Anyways, Let's start the adventures by driving more than 11 hours. Yup! I know its exhausting thinking about it, but it was fun. We packed snacks and drinks with us and the movie LEGO is great entertainment for everyone. I actually, enjoyed it. " Everything is Awesome!!!"fast forward- We finally arrived at Windjammer the place where we always stay. Everything you can think of that perfect place for vacation, close access to the beach, gift shops, restaurants, indoor pool and hot tub.. and more.
Sunday- We went to the beach and then to the pool. Then we ate out in celebration of Granny's 75th birthday at The Dunes restaurant. The restaurant is amazing, very pleasant ambiance and so relaxing. I really enjoyed my food which is Blackened Mahi-Mahi with tropical salsa topping, Dunes Rice and summer veggies on the side. The dessert is scrumptious! I can't stop going back for more bite and more and more.. until its gone! I have a chocolate mouse cake with whip cream... I should stop! I'm drooling right now hahaha.

 As part of this awesome vacation is our family dinner together. The deal was, one family member should volunteer to make dinner for everyone. Which is pretty cool you think? I think so too. Anyways on our second and third day is pretty much hanging out on the beach and in the pool area. 
Monday- Granny made us meatloaf, mashed potato and green beans. It's really good!
Tuesday- Tacy ( my sister in-law) made us crabcake and corn- I can't get enough of it. It just that good!:)
 -We also explore the Tangler outlet and Wings for some shopping galore! It was really fun..promise!

 Wednesday- It's Quinn's birthday ( my niece/ Tacy's daughter ) The whole family went out for Dophin Watch Tour! I'm so excited! I never seen dolphin up close and I think its really fun experience for my kids too, seeing the dolphin and riding a boat. I surely was right, my kids loved it. Too bad we didn't see dolphin that day but the tour is amazing.  I enjoyed just looking the scenic views and the smell of fresh sea water.
The Dinner was Pizza and of course CAKE! It was unforgettable...

Thursday- If there's like " Beach Day" kinda day, This is the day! We pretty much just being at the beach all day long. My kids loved playing with the sand, we made some cute a.k.a "sand castle". I get to experienced to be buried alive on the sand and so my kids.
Sunbathing- check!
Picnic at the beach- check!
Relaxing- check!! check and more! It was so much!! and I made Beef and Broccoli for dinner! wohoo!! and can't be complete without my chocolate fudge brownie with lemon icing for dessert. Its kinda strange that chocolate and lemon together but it works...wink!:)

 Friday- Our last day at Outerbanks and we are making most out of it. Started off by taking a long walk at the beach with my kids, hitting the beach early and explore every minute exploring the place. My Mother in-law ( Cheri) made salad, baked beans, baked chicken, potatoes and tater tots and ice cream for dessert. Then, we head off to Jockey's Ridge.. how amazing! My kids have full of energy just running up and down at giant sand dunes. We also watched the beautiful sunset..and went out for souvenir shopping.

 We drove Friday night and got home Saturday afternoon.Vacation with family is priceless and a moment to be treasured for the rest of my life. I hope you enjoy reading my vacation escapades and when you get a chance to be at Outerbanks you surely know what to expect. I hope you have great week everyone! and I'll see you in few days...

xoxox- Melgie

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  1. This sounds like it was the vacation of a lifetime. Lots of smiling faces :)

    1. It is really nice being with my family. Thank you:)

  2. omg beach day and dolphin watch looks so much fun!!! looks like you had some great time here :D

  3. You look like you had a grand time, Melgie! And the food photos are nakakagutom na naman haha!

  4. Too yummy for early morning post reading! I am longing for the beach here!

  5. It sounds like you had a really fun and relaxing vacation with the family. Whao..getting up and close with the dolphins must be an very magical experience.

    1. It was awesome experience but not able too see the Dolphin up-close,:) Thank you!

  6. Aw I can see so many foods. Photos say it all, you had so much fun on your vacation. I am wishing for a long a vacation too :)

  7. You got a lot of food there! You must really had a wonderful vacation.

  8. Looks like you enjoyed the vacation. How I wish we can have a long vacation too.

  9. We only had a chance to live near a beach during our honeymoon. It would be fun to have a vacation near the beach again, but it will be a long ride for us, too. Glad to see all the food and that you had fun. Great family bonding time for you, too.

  10. We missed you sis! Glad to hear you and your family had a blast in your 1 week vacation. :-)

  11. Wow! You had a week full of adventures! Nothing beats going on vacay with family. Its a priceless memory!


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