Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dinosaur Cake

 Dinosaur Cake

 I love you, Garyn! Happy 2nd Birthday

Finish product

My son just turned 2 today, so I was really excited about making him a cake. My original planned was to make him like a turkey cupcake since his birthday is right on Thanksgiving but few days before hes birthday I hear him screaming  DINE... BIG... ROAARRR!!! He love watching dinosaur, so AHA! I'll make him a dinosaur cake I'm sure hes gonna love.. This is my first time making this cake so..I'll show you how it goes:)

  After baking the cake, refrigerate for 30 minutes before carving the dinosaur. 

 Put thin layer of your favorite icing to seal the crumbs on the cake then put it on the refrigerator for 30-mins or so..

The second and last part of icing the cake

  Candies that I used to decorate the cake.

  Hershey kisses for spikes on the back

 Putting candies everywhere! Kids love this part..

Finish product turn out great. My son adore the cake and keep screaming DINE!!! Big... ROAARR!!!
It was awesome experience making the cake. I love my kids and I love making cake on their birthdays. So I'm gonna keep posting on the things that I love..!


  1. Wow, to this cake because I have a nephew who adores dinosaurs! He would be very happy to have this :)

    1. I think your nephew gonna love it as much as my son adore the cake. Thanks!


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