Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas # 2

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

Hi! Its Wednesday once again and as I promise I'm back with another Holiday Gift Ideas. This week I wanna talk about the inexpensive gift that we could make or we could buy at the store. Holiday season is the busiest day of the year and also the most expensive one. Have notice that when you go to the store, Christmas songs are play it because when you hear Christmas it means giving gifts and you ended up buying stuff not suppose to be on your list, but this week we gonna make something cute and amazing without spending much. This gift ideas are so perfect for our friends, neighbors, teachers and even my kids love this idea. Just be creative on this holiday season and let's transform the boring flour and sugar from our pantry into a delicious treat that everyone will love, the regular apple and orange into cute little basket that can touch someones heart and sending some love and warm this Christmas with personalized coffee mug.  Lets be merry this coming holidays, check out my holiday ideas below....:)


Tell me who doesn't love bake goods? I made this cassava cake last year for my friends and surely they LOVED it. Also along with this scrumptious cassava cake are coffee mug with hot chocolate on them. You can also make something different like fruit cake, cakes, brownies and cookies. Another one is little fruit pies or just pies..:)
- The IDEA wrap their favorite bake goods in a clear plastic so that they can see clearly whats inside, put ribbons and whola..!!! Happy Holidays! I know! not all of us knows how to bake but Hey! lot of bakery have delicious sweet treat this holiday complete with beautiful box and ready to go. Just simple grab some and bring it to your friends or neighbor house...:)

 How about a fruit basket complete with your favorite FRUITS? I'm sure your friends and neighbor will gonna love and appreciate what you do. This is so simple you can just put 3 kind of fruits in a basket depend on how fancy you want it to be.. Or you could use a nice bowl or basket whatever you feel like.. 
The IDEA- Buy 3 kinds of fruits, different color and shape and little basket that you think the fruits could fit, wrap it with clear plastic put big red ribbon on top.. WHOLA! 


I think hot chocolate mug, so far this is the most easy and super inexpensive one, but this is also the most cute and heart warming gift idea. So, if you have friends who love hot chocolate? LIKE ME!!! Oh yeah! this is so perfect or if your friend like Coffee you can totally change it into COFFEE MUG instead.
If you know his/her favorite drink, BUY IT couldn't be that expensive I think. Also on your list is Little Marshmallow,  Chocolate Chips. I'm getting excited right hahahah! and of course the coffee mug of your choice ( green, red and white is perfect holiday color theme) but feel free to get whatever you think she like you can also use JAR
 BRIGHT IDEA- if your using a reusable jar pour the hot chocolate mix, add some chocolate chips and on the top is the marshmallow. Put the lid and seal it tight. Put a nice ribbons and RECIPE TAG
 If your using a MUG put her favorite hot chocolate drink , chocolate chips and marshmallow. Cover the whole thing with clear plastic wrapper. Tie it on the top with ribbons and attached the RECIPE TAG ( below is a recipe tag I made )

This is perfect for everyone! Just simply buy a big chocolate bar. All you have to do is tie the chocolate with your choice of ribbon and attached  with gift tag.

Hope everyone is having fun this week. I'll see you next Wednesday for more holiday gift ideas and I'll be posting also some recipes in few days. See you around!


  1. Love the hot chocolate mug idea!

  2. Wow! Great ideas. Hope I have the time to bake:)

  3. Great post dear :)

    NEW POST...


  4. Aww, love the chocolate bar! My hubby gifted me with a Toblerone on my birthday and I was so happy! Simple joys! :-)

  5. You are very creative and always have a good idea with almost everything.

  6. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  7. Nice gift ideas. We are planning to give our colleagues simple tokens from our own crafts.

    allan (www.ourfamilyblogsabout.info)

    1. That is so sweet of you guys! I'm sure they gonna loved it..:)

  8. I'll be happy to receive those chocolate mugs. I have not really prepared for gifts this year. I hope I can think of something in the next few days. :D

  9. Brilliant idea for gifts... plus you are a master chef too. Love the packaging too.

  10. I'd go for fruit basket and baked goodies. Everyone receiving this will certainly appreciate it. More so it's easy to do too :)

  11. This reminds me that Christmas is very near. 45 days na lang e. Still not complete my gift list. Thanks for these tips.


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