Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas-#1

Holiday Gift Ideas for Love Ones

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I'm pretty sure that every single one of you already put the Christmas Tree up, well ME we just did it last night. Yay! I'm excited seeing my kiddos getting excited and also looking forward for Christmas. I made some Beef Caldereta for dinner and Chocolate Crinkles for our dessert for our perfect dinner last night! Thinking about Christmas is just around the corner, some of you maybe already have the gift wrap up and ready to go, or still in the process of shopping, and maybe some of you, like ME still scratching my head of what to get for my love-ones this Christmas.
Thinking about gifts for special someone or even for our husband/wife is sometimes harder than we thought. There's a lot of things to consider What to get? Where to buy or get the good deal? How much money you plan on spending? If it is a surprise gift consider the size of the product. Remember! It's hard to hide big stuff  and eventually you ended up confessing about your gift before Christmas. To help you! and ME,( hahah) I've come up with this Wednesday Gift Ideas, Yup! I'll be posting some gift Ideas only for the month of December every Wednesday. So, I'll be happy if you visit my blog and see what I come up with... wink:) Remember the important of Christmas is not the amount we spent, Its always the thoughts that we put into. Let the spirit of Christmas be with us..! Let start by asking questions?:)

Does  he/she like to SHOP ? 
- I would say that GIFT card, GIFT Certificate or CASH is perfect for this category. Unless you know his/her size, favorite store, color and such.
SHOES/ SANDALS-  I think GIFT CARD to his/her favorite store is just perfect for this one.
BAGS-  Designer bag is always a hint!
JEWELRY-  Nothing fail to impress someone this holiday.
Does he/she like WINE? 
Personalized wine basket - Fill the basket with his/her favorite wine, cheese,crackers and wine glass. Or you could treat him/her to a wine tasting adventure.

Does he/she like to COOK?
-Kitchen Gadgets- AWESOME! I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen this is just GREAT!
-Baking Basket- compose with Apron and baking equipment, OR it could be personalized according to his/her liking. Get all the ingredients of your favorite cake, brownie or cookie recipe put all together in one basket and attach the recipe.
-Cookbook- Find the his/her favorite cookbook and you can simply just put it along with your Baking basket.
Does he/she like CRAFTS?
-Personalized gift basket idea is perfect, filled with his/her favorite crafty materials and also gift card  to his/her favorite craft store is always a big hint.  
-DIY Christmas Card- :)

Does he/she like Coffee?
-Coffee Maker- There's a lot of varieties nowadays in the market for all the coffee lover out-there. The best one is the Keurig and its affordable!..:)
-Coffee Basket- Can't go wrong of a coffee basket for coffee lover. Just simply put his/her favorite coffee flavor, coffee mug, few crackers to with the coffee and Gift Card to his/her favorite coffee shop like Starbucks:)

Does he/she like Sport Fanatic Movie Lover
-Personalized basket- His/her favorite t-shorts or sweatshirts with his favorite team, hat, pop corns,chips and candies if you have budget for GAME TICKET then go for it.:)

Does he/she like to TRAVEL and OUTDOORS ADVENTURE?
Plane Ticket is sound so GOOD! but lets face it, Its expensive. So, let make something cute and fun!
- Little Travel Basket- compose with magazine about travel and places, travel size lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush all health and care you could think of you that he/she might need for travel.
- I'm not a very adventurous person but I think good brand SHOES is perfect for this, Anything else you could think of? Please share!

This is only few gift Ideas I could think right now, If there's anything that I missed, anything at all. don't hesitate to leave me a comment. After all its Christmas time to share and give.!
I'll see in few days for more recipes and next Wednesday for another gift ideas.:)


  1. Great tips sis. I know that in gift giving, it's the thought that counts. But I will be happier if the person who received my gift will really appreciate my gift and that he/she will use it.

    Mommy Maye

    1. I agree with you! I would love to spend little extra if i have to:) thanks!

  2. Great tips! But my boo was the gadget type of guy. Super expensive lang. Huhu :(

    1. Yup, that's good one too. Oo nga little pricey pero im sure hes gonna be super happy namnan

  3. I now buy online to avoid the Christmas rush. :D I only buy for the godchildren.

  4. Wow, these are awesome lists, sis! You came up with really interesting suggestions. Love them all! :-)

  5. Great tips sis! It I am to receive a gift this Christmas I wish to have a sewing machine hehehe


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