Saturday, December 21, 2013

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake for Reese

 Happy Weekend Everyone! We gonna make Christmas Cookie today with my family. Yay! I'm excited its like my in-laws family tradition to make cookies, I look forward to this event every year. I'm talking a lot of cookies and varieties. Sharing the warmth and love this holiday season we gonna give the cookies to our family, friends and neighbors... Do you have any plans for this weekend?
 Before heading to my in-laws house I'm gonna share to you my homemade birthday cake that I made a week ago, Remember the spider man cake  that i made for my son's birthday last month? This week is like baking madness in my kitchen. Yup!! The house smells like bakery and all those sweet stuff. Lots of celebration this month birthday's, Christmas get together and exchange gift party! So, talking about baking and birthdays,I made this cake couple days ago for Reese's and Phillip joined birthday celebration. We celebrate their birthdays a week before Christmas and also to have a family get together. I made a yellow cake with chocolate icing and purple icing for decoration... and of course some candies for little touch. She loved the cake and pretty happy about it.
I think cake or cupcake is must have on out table this Christmas? What do you think?

-I used store bought icing, feel free to used homemade icing if you want.
-Used whatever pipping tip/design you want.
- Change the color of icing flavor and color according to your preference.

Things you'll need in making this awesome birthday cake:
- 2 8x8 inches round cake (I used yellow cake )
-1 tub chocolate icing 16 oz
-1 tub vanilla icing 16
Purple icing color, candies sprinkles- for decorations
Pipping bag/ pipping tip- choose whatever you like!:)

- Stack the 2 cakes together and just simple put the chocolate icing on top. Carefully distribute the whole icing to covered the whole cake. Get the pipping bag put the purple icing and simple start pipping on the side until everything is covered. Feel free to choose whatever design you want. Write the Happy Birthday on the middle of the cake, sprinkles the cake and add some candies on the side and on top... Be creative and festive with your homemade cake. Yum!

The joined birthday party of Reese and Phillip is a big success and surely love all the food that my in-laws prepared. Happy moments with family! 
I'll see you on Tuesday for some Christmas Meal Menu Ideas and sweet greetings on Christmas! Keep sharing the joy in this holiday season.. See you in few days! 


  1. Looks yummy and very nice decorated:)

  2. looks good. :) been wanting to try baking kaya lang i'm always occupied with other things.
    happy holidays, melgi. enjoy the season!

  3. What are birthdays without birthday cakes, right? looks sooo good! I bet it tastes heavenly!

  4. Yummy cake. Daddy is learning how to make cakes and I hope he's good na before Matt turns 5. Hehe.


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