Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet Week

Sweet Sale!

( Bibingka- rice cake )
 It's all started last week when one of my friend asked me if my sweet pastry for sale.She spotted the photo of Monggo Bread that I recently posted on my Facebook.She I asked me if I take orders, I said, No, but I can make you some if you want and that's how everything started. I made her a dozen of Monggo Bread, delivered it to her house and that was my first sale.. ( hahaha ) It's very exciting and I'm so happy after knowing that she liked the bread. I was really thrilled after making 4 more sales to my friends this week, and I'll be making a tray of cassava cake tomorrow for my friend, Rose. I'm enjoying doing it and that's all matter. I'll be posting some recipe's next week and I'm happy to share some photos of the goodies I sold this week. Happy Weekend Everyone:)

                                                       slice of cassava cake

(Bibingka- rice cake bake over banana leaf)


  1. Your post makes me hungry. ☺

    Happy weekend!

  2. that's amazing, start of a small business Melgie, and you must be a great baker and cook!

    1. Thank you, Christine. I'm still on the learning process and I'm enjoying it. It take lot of practice to be great baker/ cook.

  3. Kung ang lapit mo lang, order din ako;)
    You are so energetic:)

    1. Hahaha ewan ko bah saan nanggagaling itong pagiging energetic ko. I wish, I'm gonna let you try everything first for approval, before ibenta.:) Thank you! Joy:)

  4. I want to make cassava cake one of these days.


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