Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fried Rice

Fried Rice ( No Recipe )

I woke up extremely early today, not a bad idea for a glass of hot chocolate and two pieces of binangkal on hand, perfect way to start my day. I have bunch of ideas running through my head right now, I just don't know where to start..( hhehe) This is the result of waking up so early, I guess! 
Last week, I started making some sweet goodies for my friend. Now, I'm started thinking about doing it for real, but I'm not sure how this things works out for me. As of now, I enjoyed doing it and that's all matters. I'm happy to share how everything unfold. (wink)
We have Fried Rice with Chicken Tocino last night and everyone loved it, Including my little kiddies ( which by the way is still sleeping right now )
I called this Fried Rice " No Recipe" for the reason that everyone have different version of how they cook their fried rice. Excellent use for left over rice. I can eat this delicious Fried Rice for breakfast or dinner or anytime of the day. I just simply love fried rice!
 I'll show you, my version of fried rice and its very simple and easy. ( feel free substitute or use anything you have on hand )

Rice- ( left over )
soy sauce
salt n pepper- to taste

1.) Pour oil into large pan, stir in onion and sauteed for couple minutes. Add the vegetables fry until crisp-tender.
2.) Stir in beaten egg and cook until done. Add the left over rice, soy sauce. Mix well. Add salt and pepper if desired and serve!:) Enjoy!


  1. Love your simple recipe. I add a bit of oyster sauce to mine as well. Gives extra flavour.

    1. I bet it taste yummy! I'm gonna try that next time, Christine:)

  2. I love fried rice but don't make it often. You've inspired me! ☺

  3. Sinangag for the morning. Hmmm:)

  4. Sarapp..! Love to try this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love friend rice lalo na sa breakfast tapos salted fish and salted eggs.. yum! BTW, baka interested kang sumali sa weekly comment exchange ng BC bloggers? Mostly Pinoys ang nandoon and all you have to do is comment on their posts tapos the favor will be given back to you. If you're interested let me know. I'll share the link to you :)

    1. Ako din I love Fried Rice:) Bago palang kasi ako sa blogging, I'm so happy to know about it and I'm interested. Please send me the link. Its so nice of you, Thank you so much Farida:)


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