Monday, February 11, 2013

Friends Baby Shower Celebration

Cherry and Rose Baby Shower

( my friends baby shower )

 ( Note pad for Mommies to-be )

Saturday February 9,2013, A perfect day for baby shower celebration for my friends, Cherry and Rose. The weather is awesome! and everything works out the way I wanted to be. I got a lots of helped from my dear friends, making the baby shower memorable for mommies to- be. It just so heart warming experience for me and for everyone in the party. We had so much fun!As part of the preparation I made all the bread and sweet treat, a day ahead since I didn't any off during weekdays, but it work out really well!. By 9am at Saturday I already done cooking, and I still have time to paint my nails ( hahaha ). I'll show you guys photo captured for baby shower I had last Saturday.
Mj and Larissa do all the decorations in the shower, while I was making food in the house.

 balloons and baby shower banner

I made this Diaper Cake for decoration, and the Paper rose is just perfect addition making the diaper cake look so real.

This is our baby shower favors. I put little cute baby pacifier and heart candies into this little baggies and pre- packed it myself.
  This Homemade Cute Little Boxes is filled with sweet treats for guest to take home.

 Also, this Homemade Cute Little Bags is perfect treat for guest.

 Thank you! to my friend Larissa brought baby shower cake and baby carriage carved melon. I'm excited to share it with you guys, it just so CUTE!

This cake is so light and fluffy and the strawberry filling in the middle just add the perfection to the cake. She got it at Golden Delight Bakery ( filipino bakery here in my place ) YUMMO!

 Larissa carve this melon, first time! and it look so perfect on the table!
I would say professionally carved!

I also made cupcake for the guest to take home, just something add to the cake. Kids love cupcake!
Baby shower games that we played are:
Baby Name Nabble ( girl and boy's name )
Poopy Diaper Cake
Belly String
What's in your Purse?
Baby around the World
It was so much fun especially the Poopy Diaper Cake, the chocolate on the diaper just look real. Everyone who wins the games received glorious gift sponsored by my friend Mj.
We had bunch of food on the table
Bake spaghetti, Shrimp, Pancit, Lumpia, Adobo, Paksiw na isda, Cassava cake, macaroons, monggo bread, coconut rolls, lechon manok, fruit salad, deviled eggs, pepper chicken, BIko and much more!
The Mommies to- be recieved glorious gift and to end the event we had video-k, dance and drink some wine. It was a blast!


  1. what a perfect baby shower, thanks for sharing your lovely photos,it's a special time of life and great to share with friends.

  2. Wow! Ang creative naman nyo:) i have 4childten, but never had baby shower.
    Well, too late for me now to have one. Hi hi

    1. Salamat Joy, combine effort and idea namin lahat tsaka first babies kasi nila kaya extra special.

  3. Wow.. that was memorable indeed! Love the cake and those cupcakes.

  4. thank you for this beautiful display of friendship!

  5. The photos really looked great! The collaboration done between friends is the result of a successful baby shower party! Ang galing nyo :)


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