Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Paper Rose

 Homemade Paper Rose

( Perfect for any special occasions )


I love handmade crafts, I always finds way to create something simple yet so cute! Aside from passion of cooking, I love crafts stuff. I was really inspired to discovered new things, Trying  this Paper Rose is one of them. I was excited on how it turned out and I'm happy of the result. It would be nice addition to the baby shower stuff that I made earlier this week. For now, I don't know if I'm gonna leave it like this or put some steams and put it on nice vase, I still don't know! or just scattered it on the table.. (hahaha)
This is also nice crafts for Valentines Day, thinking about making some for valentines day. But I don't have red card-stock paper. I think pink will do. ( wink ).
 I can't wait for baby shower for my friend Cherry and Rose and for their new bundle of joy. It's gonna be the best experience they gonna have, that gonna change their life forever. It won't be easy at first but everyone handle it just fine, As I would say, " You learn as you GO! Being a Mom of two wonderful kids is PRICELESS!

Things you need:
5 petal flower puncher- I just draw flowers and cut them off
Pen- use trace the flowers and to curl the petals aswell.

 Trace the five petal flowers on the card stock and cut it. You'll need 4 petals in order to make one Rose.

Using the Pen, curl the end petals just like on the picture above.

Glues the rose bud first, Then glue the other petals alternate to each other to create a nice rose. You can used glue gun for faster results, I just used glue and tie it with rubber band let it sit for 15-20 minutes until glue completely dry out.

Then  pull the petals one at time and curl it back to look like rose.


  1. Very Creative! I'm sure your kids are always having fun while doing crafts with you :)

    1. Thank you, Farida. Yup! they enjoyed making a mess all the time ( hehe ), It's always good time.:)

  2. They are beautiful! I love roses including paper ones!

  3. Those are so cute especially the first photo.

  4. Very creative. You gave me an idea:)
    Thanks by the way for visiting my site. You have a nice blog:) See you around:)

    1. Thank you! I'll keep checking on your blog from time to time, you have nice site too.:)

  5. I love this sis. Pwedeng home decor :) You are so creative talaga :)


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