Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Birthday Bash Celebration

 My Birthday Bash Celebration

( Thank you, Rose )

 ( Thank you, Mom )

Last year, I made a blog about 25th birthday . This year is no different I'm celebrating my birthday with my loving family and friends. Although I'm like thousand and thousands miles away from my home, My family back in the Philippines never failed to greet me on my birthday and celebrate my birthday every year as they always do. I'm so grateful to have a great and loving family and friends here and back home who always there for me and make my day and extra ordinary one. 
From the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much everyone! and I'm sharing those sweet and yummy moments on my 26th Birthday Bash celebration. 
How I started my ordinary Tuesday routine? clean the house, update my blogs and made breakfast for my kiddies. Since, its my birthday and I know that my dear friends are coming over I skip my breakfast and drink coffee instead.. I mean cups of coffee:) 

(Thank you Rose! for the cake..)
Birthday Lunch! Rose, Cherry, Mj and Me.. Just 4 of us pigging out this scrumptious lunch. Would you like to come over and join us? Not to mention I forgot to take a picture of Boiled Pork, Pritong Bangus and Macaroni Salad Espesyal. I know the food is a lot and it is.. ended up taking home.
I'm so thankful to my dear friends Rose, Cherry and Mj for making my day a super special one and for being so generous to me... ( touched with all your gifts)

Birthday Dinner?? Oh Yeah! My hubby treat me for a birthday dinner at my favorite Steakhouse! YUM.. I got soup, Rib-eye steak and bake sweet potato with cinnamon sugar and honey 
butter. To end the whole evening I got my free sundae for dessert.

Lastly, I celebrated my birthday at my in-laws house, yesterday! Yeah! We have a join celebrations with my mother in-law and sister in-law. It was a blast! My mother in-law made me a chocolate cake with white icing. We have meatballs my favorite meal, rice of course! and corn, veggies, and buns.. YUM! I'm so grateful for having such a wonderful family.
Thank you so much for being so generous as always. I love you all!

 And that's how I celebrated my 26th birthday. I hope you get some food ideas and recipes that you might want to try on your next birthday celebration. See in a few days for more delicious recipes..:)
To my cousin ( Lorlyn )- who also celebrate her birthday yesterday. 
Yes! we have same birthday ( How cool is that?)  Happy Birthday Dai, Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thank you so much for everything and hope to see you sometime, Miss you much!:)


  1. The steak look so delicious :D


  2. happy, happy birthday, dearie. :) that's really a lot of food right thurr. what's the best way to celebrate birthdays nga naman. hope you'll have a blast on your coming celebs.

  3. Wow and wow! Happy birthday! May tira pa ba? Punta ko:)

    1. Oo naman dami pa baka hanggang bukas pa ito. Come over Joy! more macaroni salad and bihon:) Thank you:)

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  6. It was celebrating with you on your special day.

    1. Thank you so much Dai, for the cake, glorious gift and making my birthday an special one.:)

  7. Wow nice food!Happy birthday, sis! God bless you and your family

  8. We are the same age sis. Hope you had a blast!


  9. Thank you, I'll check your giveaway:)

  10. Belated happy birthday, Melgie! So many celebrations! They only mean one thing: You are loved! Have a great year ahead!

  11. Belated happy birthday! Daming Pinoy foods that are always present in every birthday celebration.

    Allan (www.ourfamilyblogsabout.info)

  12. ang daming handa! yummm! happy happy birthday to you! =)

  13. Wow, your handa is mostly Filipino food parin! I super like! Belated happy birthday, sis, and may God bless you more this year!

  14. I don't know if I greeted you already, but belated happy birthday sis. Chocolate cake is LOVED.

  15. This is a so belated greetings "Happy Birthday!". Anyway, ang daming handa at nagutom ako kahit I'm still busog sa merienda. Haha... May God bless you more sis.

    Mommy Maye

  16. Happy Birthday :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  17. sa Outback ba un sis? now I'm craving for a juicy and yummy ribeye!
    Glad you had fun on your birthday. Belated! :)


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