Friday, April 19, 2013

Banana Que

Banana Que 

( Deep fried banana covered with caramelized brown sugar )


This is one of the things I missed the Philippines, Banana Que! Can't beat this classic mid-afternoon snack, fulfilling and simply delicious. Every time the clock strike at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I have this intense craving for Banana Que. I don't know why? hahah.  I guess I just missed it that much, that I been thinking about it for quite sometime now. I wished that ( Saba-banana ) is that popular from where I lived right now in that way, I can make it whenever I want to.This is one of my favorite street food back in the Philippines until nowadays still craving for it. Last week, I guess it's my lucky day, I finally found this (Saba-Banana) at Asian market while picking up some few stuff for my weekly consumptions ( hahah ) Oh! boy!! I just grabbed it right away with big smile on my face, heading to the check out with a thing on my mind.. Banana Que here I come!! haha..
The process of making this fulfilling mid-afternoon snack is no different in making Kamote Que ,just simply replaced the sweet potato with banana.
 Everyone can master Banana Que just by reading this... that's how simple it is:) C'mon lets start cooking!!

SABA- banana particularly used on banana que
Barbeque stick
Brown sugar

1.) Put oil into the pan about, 10-15 minutes until its HOT enough to fry.
2.) Add the brown sugar, wait until the brown sugar floats and then you can add the banana
3.) Turn the banana from time to time to spread the caramelized sugar coating.
4.) It probably takes 8-10 minutes and its done.
5.) Take it out in the pan, and skew it into the barbeque stick. Enjoy!

( My mid-afternoon snack..yummo! )


  1. Sounds delicious! Now if only I liked bananas... ;)

  2. Oh i miss Banana Que too this is one of my favorite merienda and also turon :)

  3. I miss so much this kind of snack.

  4. We have very similar snacks over here - usually sold from roadside stalls. I love 'em.
    Thanks for reminding me of one of my favourite foods.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Yummy! I just had this for snacks in the office last Thursday. :) But my mom would really make "latik," that is coconut milk with muscovado and stirred to a sticky mix, then poured into the bananas. Much yummier! :D

    1. that sounds so delicious! I haven't tried that one yet..:) thank you:)

  6. I love Banana-Q it's delicious, it's healthy and it's really filling! :)

  7. Caramelized banana is always classic international dessert. This looks so yummy!

  8. ako i like the banana-Q that's being grilled... hehehe then smothered with butter and white sugar... :D

  9. the all time favorite merienda. hehehe

  10. I love banana que! but I love turon more=) with ice cream!!!

  11. Turon and Banana Que is an ultimate Pinoy favorite. So yummy and can really fill up the hungry tummy.

  12. all time favorite snack..kinda miss banana-


  13. I love banana-Q compared to turon.

  14. oh goodness, I could have this every day!

  15. This made me looked for babanaque now. Sarap!


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